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Great excitement

sausage on creamed saffron risotto


The whole village is excited, everyone has a task. There are those who prepare the games, who organize the list of the ladies who are going to make the cakes, those who buy the ingredients for the “farmers “menu and those who buy gallons of wine. I was assigned ,as a new comer, the task of ordering the porchetta ( roasted suckling pig) , collect  the bread from the local bakery and help make a panzanella dish, with a couple of great ladies … can’t wait! This weekend in Allerona the village celebrates S . Isidoro, patron saint of farmers (and if I may say the name of our house)… ok I will not tell you everything now, because you will taste the festival through my blog, next week (unless it rains of course ,which would mean NO FESTA!). Anyway, with all this talk about food and flavors I thought to prepare a simple WINTER finger food , very appropriate with  this strange spring. This combination of saffron risotto and sausage is great. So with this finger food I wish a good weekend to everyone and I cannot wait to tell you more about the festival……………………..

Ingredients 8 finger food/spoon
180 grams of rice ( Vialone nano or risotto rice)
½ liter of broth
30 grams of butter
30 grams grated parmesan cheese
0.5 grams of saffron
1 sausage

How it works:
In a pan melt a knob of butter and toast the rice, pour the broth and cook . Halfway through cooking add 1 / 2 cup of broth with saffron dissolved in, cook until the rice is ready. Combine butter and parmesan cheese and let stand. Slice the sausage lengthwise and cook it in a pan on both sides or alternatively grill the sausage. With the blender make a cream with the cooked rice. Cut the sausage into 8 small pieces. To prepare the finger food,: place the cream of rice on a spoon or small dish with a piece of sausage on top. Serve hot.

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