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Apricot Harts .

fish and apricot

During these month’s I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy  eating 100% seasonally . In addition to using what my vegetable garden generously gave me, I also had the good fortune to have neighbors who were super happy to give me, fruits and vegetables from their gardens and trees. So, as in every  town or village in the world ,when you go to see someone for a visit or a simple pop in, what do you do? You bring with you a small gift, don’t you? Here in the country we bring what our gardens are producing ,  zucchini flowers, tomatoes and jam … .. So one day my neighbor Alessandra came with a basket of beautiful apricots. They were sweet and soft. She had already consumed a large part of her big tree to make jars and jars of apricot jam and she was exhausted. So then ,she tells me that if I’m interested, the rest of the tree is for me,  ALL FOR ME … … .. ok sincerely I COULD NOT DO IT! Start to make the jam …. no, it was too much for me! But of course I could not resist to try those fantastic apricots. The jam no,  cake no ,I was not in the mood, in fact I wanted to do something that had an apricot hart  but otherwise a salty taste. Here’s what came out: A fillet of red mullet in crispy sesame and thyme with an apricot hart !We loved it.

Serves 2
400 grams of red mullet fillet (4 small fillets )
½ cup semolina
½  handful of thyme
4 apricots
1 sprig of parsley
10 grams of almonds
A squeeze of lemon
1 small piece of garlic
Salt and pepper
E.V.O. oil

How it works:
Wash and clean the red mullet fillets. Dry with paper towels. Finely chop the thyme and add to the semolina. Mix . Sprinkle the fillets with the semolina and thyme mix, on both sides. Repeat for each fillet. Remove the apricot skin and stone. In a mixer, combine apricots, almonds, parsley, lemon juice, garlic, a dash of e.v.o. oil, salt and pepper. Mix. Grease small baking molds. Place each fish fillet in a spiral shape,  in the center  pour a teaspoon of apricot mixture. Bake in preheated oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees.

2 comments to Apricot Harts .

  • Alessandra

    What a original recipe! I’m very glad to know that my apricots were used to try new dishes. My neighbour has a lot of fancy and teaches me many things. Unfortunately I was not there to taste Apricot Harts!

  • Ciao Alessandra by the way, yesterday I took 4 figs from your tree!

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