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Sun dried Tomatoes

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8 tons , a wheelbarrow and gloves!

salty tart with green beans and cheese

This is the last picture for this year where you will see a sunflower. At the moment in the fields can be found only wild ones,  solitary individual flowers , away from the regimented mass we so often see them in.  Even sunflowers have completely finished their season. How sad! The Allerona  pool  closed a few weeks ago,  in the evening when we eat under the porch we must wear a jacket and what is most depressing , is that a few days ago, our winter firewood  was delivered  , 80 tons of wood ,piled in the garden that now of course we need to start stacking !!!!!!!!!! But I’m not ready for the winter yet!!!! It seems to me that everything goes too fast!! So I went for a walk to calm myself down and after collecting these two beautiful sunflowers, I met my friend Teresa who gave me a bag full of green beans from her vegetable garden … … OH GOSH! Why can’t someone give  me two free ticket for the Maldives???? Anyway, I used part of the beans for this pie, the rest  has been turned into a nice pesto and frozen. For now ,I’ll say goodbye  and wish everyone a nice weekend … ….  think of me ….8 tons , a wheelbarrow and gloves!

220 grams of green beans
30 grams pine nuts
350 grams ricotta cheese
20 pitted black olives
A handful of chopped parsley and chives
2 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
1 egg
E.V.O. oil
Salt and pepper
A disc of puff pastry
How it works:
Cook green beans by steaming. Let them cool. In blender combine all ingredients: green beans, pine nuts, ricotta cheese, olives, herbs, parmesan cheese, 1 egg, add a dash of e.v.o. oil, salt and pepper. Unfold the pastry in a round baking pan. Pour the mixture into the pastry. Bake at 180 degrees for 40 minutes. Serve warm.

2 comments to 8 tons , a wheelbarrow and gloves!

  • Rich and rosanne gaccione

    FANTASTIC SITE! Now we can tell our friends in the states to login to this site to see what it is like to live in our little town of Allerona. For us, it makes us jealous……we want to be there more often. See you just after Natale.
    Rich and Rosie

  • Thank you very much and welcome. I’m glad you like my blog. Come back and write whenever you want. A presto.

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