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Medallions for all…..

pork fillet with blackberries


Believe it or not,  it all started with an old  gentleman from the village who resembles a circus strong man. Barrel chested and shaven head, the only thing missing is the mustache and leotard. Over the last month, every morning I went running  I saw this  man equipped with two buckets and a stick. Riding a yellow Vespa, he went around to look for blackberries. I was very curious, so one day I stopped and I asked him what he was planning to do with all these berries . The list was long: blackberry tarts, blackberry jam, blackberry liqueur, cakes and some he planned  to freeze. And best of all, I thought, they’re free!!   So ,a  real competition began. Lots of blackberries everywhere! I could not abandon this challenge. The next morning I set off, bag in hand to where I thought would be the best bushes , only to find he had already been there. Every morning was the same. I would arrive at an area and  to my horror ,there would be his massive foot prints. I began to dread seeing his yellow vesper leaning against a tree at every forest opening. Eventually he won  , I know. But slowly  , I managed to freeze 6 bags of blackberries and make 20 very good panna cotta.  I  decided to use the last basket full in a different  way.  Pork tenderloin cut in to medallions with a blackberry and chili sauce.  The other day ,I passed the circus strong man whilst running. He’d gone back to his other pass time, striding up and down the hill that leads to Allerona village. Obviously , with him walking and me running ,this time I arrived first!

Serves 4
700 grams of pork tenderloin fillet, cut into medallions
2  handfuls of blackberries
½ fresh red chili
4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
e.v.o. oil
1 clove garlic
How it works:
Remove  the chili seeds and cut finely. In a small saucepan cook with e.v.o. garlic and chili . When golden remove garlic and add balsamic vinegar. Reduce the balsamic vinegar to 1 / 3. Add the blackberries. Cook for 5 minutes. In a nonstick pan ,cook the medallions on both . Serve with blackberry sauce

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