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Five down, a thousand to go !

walnuts pesto and Porcini


O.k , now for my second recipe with walnuts, this time I used 5  ..Wahoo. I tell you, It’s not going to be easy to get through all these nuts. Anyway , for this recipe I decided to combine a walnut pesto ( I know I’m pesto crazy) with Porcini mushrooms, not bad eh!?. Certainly, the walnut pesto can also be frozen, but I think this is valid only for  people who don’t have walnuts coming out of their ears. Considering  that nuts  stay fresh all year if kept in their shells, I can save space in my freezer for something else! So when I prepared this pasta I thought it would be good to add an earthy flavor to the walnuts, and considering that this is the season for mushrooms , the Porcini are perfect. Honestly though this type of mushroom is very expensive . In this recipe, there are only two, so it’s good news, because our purse strings are a bit tight at the moment.

under the walnut tree


Now to change the subject, this weekend we will be Olive picking. Yes it’s olive time again! So we will have friends and family  who have volunteered to help . Great,  the more people we are, the faster we’ll get the job done. For the occasion I hope to prepare a  roast leg of lamb and Nick will be in charge of the wood burning oven ( let’s hope he doesn’t burn it ). Perhaps this might be a good opportunity to use a few more of my nuts !!!!! Ok I’ll tell you how it went.

Serves 4
400 grams linguine pasta ( or spaghetti if you cannot find Linguine)
2 Porcini mushrooms
Evo oil
1 clove garlic
For the pesto:
5 nuts
A handful of fresh parsley
10 leaves of fresh lemon grass
½ clove garlic
1 +1 / 2 tbs grated Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper
Evo oil abundant
how it work:
In a blender combine all ingredients for the pesto to form a thick cream. Set aside. Clean and dice the Porcini mushrooms. In a pan heat Evo oil with garlic , remove garlic and add the mushrooms. Cook for a few minutes. Turn off the heat . Cook the pasta al dente, then drain. In the same pan with the mushrooms, add the pasta and the pesto. Stir over high heat for a couple of minutes. Serve.

1 comment to Five down, a thousand to go !

  • ceci

    hmmmm! slurp! it’s a pity i can’t find porcini here in puglia….well, we’ll come to allerona very soon! see youuuu!

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