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Can I get the notes right?

pecorino cheese in black sesame roll

This weekend I was a very good student!! But let start from the beginning. Do you remember that not long ago, I wrote about the course as a sommelier? OOhh..AAHH .. yes indeed, you’ll say … how is it going? So, I would say that I am very happy to be doing it, although there are occasionally moments a little frustrating too, especially during the lessons. Most people who attended the course are girls and men who work in wineries around Orvieto, in short, all people who know the notes, flavors and winemaking processes much better than me. Regarding me and my relation with  wine, I have only just drunk it! So you can imagine that during the class  when the professor asks us to analyze the color , the smell and the taste of wine…. the situation becomes a bit embarrassing. I listen to all the comments from this big head ,sat in my same desk … .. jasmine, white peach …. rosehip … and then  I still have  my nose inhaling inside the glass to try to understand these wonderful smells. However, with great success during the last lesson my voice took courage and I said. … Blackberry … .. wahhoooo.. perhaps not a very sophisticated fruit as a result but for me there was some hint of it.
So armed with a commitment ,this weekend I have been with Nick and some friends to see Barbara and Giovanni, who run a beautiful local winery. Giovanni is an expert winemaker, and we tasted six varieties of wine produced from them. In short, it was like  a private lesson. So at the end we bought the wine and we went back home. For the occasion I thought I’d make some finger food to match with the white wine, 100%Grechetto. Now if the combination of wine and food was a perfect balance or not … I do not know. However, I liked it!

Ingredients for 10 finger food rolls
1 leek  – 12/15 cms long when trimmed
1 egg white
1 handful of black sesame seeds
100 grams pecorino cheese semi mature
Oil for deep fat frying

How it works:

Cut into the leek lengthwise, and then carefully peel off each layer, taking care to keep each intact.  Put the leek sheets in boiling water for 2 minutes. Drain and let cool. Dry and place each sheet on a board  and cut into strips, 3 cm wide, following the grain. At the bottom of each 3 cm piece, place a rectangular piece of pecorino cheese, making sure it is the same width as the leek sheet.  Roll it up tightly. Repeat. Dip each roll in the egg white and then in the sesame seeds . Deep fry until golden brown and eat warm. 

2 comments to Can I get the notes right?

  • ketty

    l,antipastino e’ veramente invitante, grazie alla foto che ne fe percepire quasi la sensazione al palato; aggiungendoci anche il vino, ilgioco e’ fatto. Complimenti siete unici!!!!!!

  • Jackie

    As we say in England practice makes perfect in this instance drinking wine, beats learning to play the piano

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