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Busicchi !??



This Sunday for the first time in my life, I ate  Busicchi.    In our village they are considered to be the best part of a pig. A real delicacy. If you’re wondering what they might be , you’ll probably be surprised to hear that they’re actually the dried skin of the intestines .
 In the country ,  nothing goes to waste , so when it’s time to kill a pig each part is used, of course.
Our friends Fumo and Eva,  live in a farm not far from us and in January they killed their pigs. They made pancetta, prosciutto, sausages and the famous  Busicchi. After being washed  several times with vinegar and wine,  they marinated the Busicchi with fennel seeds, salt , pepper and red chili. Then,  they dried them for a minimum of 15 days. After this time the Busicchi are ready to be cooked on a fire.


The barbecue was held at our house, Fumo and Eva brought the Busicchi,  sausages and ham. Other friends brought bread and wine, and we served black olives, cheese , salad and potatoes. A real food feast.
Now , considering that I do not think it will be easy for you to eat Busicchi, unless you come to Allerona, I will try to describe the taste:  They have a very strong  flavor , fatty , crunchy and good. A bit like eating pork crackling .  Unfortunately  you cannot eat more than two , unless  you have a glass of strong red wine in the other  hand!

There is not a recipe for Busicchi, but you are welcome to come in Allerona and try it!

1 comment to Busicchi !??

  • Lara

    After sunday here we have a child that realy loves busicchi. The new generation caming up to take care of the tradition: busicchi will live for ever!!! :) ))

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