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Look out London , here I come !!!

Black couscous and swordfish

If during the next week, on the London Underground, you  see a strange lady with red cheeks, starring at you … .. do not worry, it’s me !!!!!!!

I am very happy, finally a little vacation in the city, people to watch, lots of shops,  Indian , Thai and Vietnamese food… LONDON I’M COMING !!!!

Now, I won’t be travelling with a suitcase full of pasta, parmesan  and wild boar! My mission  will be to eat lots and lots of exotic  food..yummy! Also , I will have the great  fortune  to be shown around by my friend and talented chef,  Lorna Dunhill .  The British museum and other great institutes of learning will be taking a back seat to Selfridges and Harrods food hall .  I’m very excited !

 During this holiday I will also be celebrating my 39th birthday ( yes , I’m still a baby). Nick and I thought  to go out for a … …  pizza! No I’m joking …  …. I love pizza but I’m also very keen on Thai food. If anyone has a recommendation for a good Thai restaurant, please let me know.  As I’ll be gone for a week , I thought to leave you with this nice recipe for a new finger food. The idea started  from the Hawaiian black salt that I bought before Christmas. I wanted to make something that made you feel the sea. So, I thought……. the   black  of  volcanic sand contrasted against the white of the sea’s surf and the lush green of seaweed ( you see…I really do need a holiday!!!!) . I started by preparing a base of couscous cooked in squid ink. Parsley cream  .Swordfish and a pinch of my precious black salt to finish up.  Easy to make and delicious too!!  

Ok then, I better go and pack my suitcase and  hope I don’t get lost on the underground…….

Ingredients for 4 finger food
1 cup couscous
150 ml homemade fish stock
8 gram squid ink
A handful of parsley leaves
pinch of Salt
Evo oil
A dash of lemon juice
150 grams of swordfish steak
1 clove garlic
A splash of dry white wine
Black salt of Hawaii
Here’s how:
Cook the couscous, using the fish stock and squid ink. Filling up a 3-cm circular mold , make a couscous base  2 cm high, repeat 4 times. In blender combine parsley, lemon, pinch of salt and Evo oil. The parsley cream should be quite thick. In a pan cook garlic in Evo oil , remove it and  add the swordfish steak, after a couple of seconds  add the wine. Cook the steak on both sides for a couple of minutes, being careful not to break it. Using the 3-cm circular mold, cut 4 pieces of fish. On top the couscous base pour a teaspoon of parsley cream, place the fish on top and finish up with a pinch of black salt.

5 comments to Look out London , here I come !!!

  • cecilia

    happy birthday, little baby! :-)

  • Lorna

    London is ready, and looking forward to seeing you. You will inject your usual sense of fun into our mission, looking at food shops and surveying the food scene in general. Make sure your shoes are comfortable, as we will be doing a fair amount of foot work! Don’t worry there will be a cocktail waiting for you at the end of the day!

  • Eugen Beer

    Busaba Eathai (Wardour Street)is wonderful:

    More to come later…

  • Eugen Beer

    You should also check out Polpetto – above The French House in Soho:

  • @ Eugen
    Hi Eugen, thanks for your suggestions. I walked past the Polpetto restaurant , but the day before we were at the restaurant ….. Mondello Sicilian cuisine, I know it’s weird but it happened, any way we had very very good meal! Regarding the Busaba, was on our list but ,when we went the queue was incredible!so we tried another one and it was great anyway. However, the next time in London we will going to Busaba for sure, we have seen that has a good reputation.
    Grazie tante.
    tks very very very much.

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