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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

Back to school


Calamarata pasta with sundried tomatoes and burrata cheese


I understand the English say “I`m in two minds ” this certainly applies to me because (1) I am really sad our wonderful summer is over, but (2) very excited and pleased autumn is here because a few weeks ago I started my third and final level to become a Sommelier, and now things start to become serious! What I mean is that from yesterday afternoon, the lessons will take place directly in a restaurant. Great news for me, because one of the reasons that prompted me to start this long adventure was to learn the right harmony and combination between food and wine. So from now on I will not just be tasting different types of wine but also eating different foods prepared by local chefs!! Isn`t that great?

So just for those of you who have no idea where my sublime experience is happening …. here it is a photo of Orvieto.


Anyway, last night after having tasted three wines and  a little bit of food, I went home STARVING . 
Yes because my point it’s learning and not just stuffing my faces with food! So back home I was ready to start things seriously, enjoy a good meal, a glass of good wine and relax with my husband. The good news was ,Nick luckily, had prepared the dinner, but the bad news was we had to wait an hour and a half before it was ready to come out of the oven ! Mamma mia it was already 9pm!!!

Of course, I couldn`t wait ,so while I was chatting to Nick about  my new discoveries of the wine and culinary world, it took me 10 minutes to  prepare this quick and fresh finger food…. just a little something to put in our stomach while we were waiting. Luckily for us we also had a nice white wine in the fridge that went reasonably well with the finger food…. so the evening began and the time flew by .

My conclusion for the evening is that while there are many things that I have to learn about food and wine, one thing is very clear to me : when the atmosphere is right, things rarely seem to go wrong with a meal !!

Sorry I need to go now….I will put the recipe once I am back, sorry…

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