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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

The beauty of a Sunday Lunch.

Tomato jelly with parmesan mousse and pumpkin seeds.



Unfortunately Sunday was not particularly warm, so although the Supper Club started with an aperitif in the garden we decided to continue on the large table in the house. As a surprise for my guests I planned to greet them on their arrival with a small glass of tomato jelly with parmesan mousse and pumpkin seeds ,a  finger food to be tasted while sipping a glass of  Spumante wine.  I am happy to say that they really enjoyed it.

There were 10 people, a mixture of old and new guests  who had decided to join  with me in  the spirit of our little Supper Club project ,which is intended to share my passion for food with other people . The Supper Club is not a restaurant and for this reason the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. On Sunday  there was  yet further evidence of the beauty of this idea. The morning had gotten off to a bad start when i realized that the dish washer wasn’t working (  i don’t mean Nick ) . As a result of this i was running behind schedule. Whilst I was  preparing and placing  the pork tenderloin in the oven, some of my guests  relaxed in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine.  Despite my concerns that all would not be cooked and ready to serve on time , my happy visitors  gave me  great  encouragement and helped me to not worry so much. Any tensions I had felt vanished because I realized the beauty of a Sunday lunch is to be in good company, eat good food and for me, to also  enjoy the cooking . So thanks again to everyone, especially  Brian, Antonella,  Susan and Alan, it’s always a BIG pleasure for me to have you here.

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