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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

A foodie experience

Wild fennel foam and Baccalà



Ciao  thought I’d keep you updated on a few things that are happening here in  Umbria and specifically in my little farm house.

Firstly ,after having to deprive our goat Hilda  of the company of two out of three of  her room mates ( the chickens ), we  decided to take on another two chicks and two more hens. So at the moment this adds up to six  running around made up of: two chicks, three hens, 1 cock, 1 goat, a dog and three cats ….and last in the pecking order of course Nick and I !

What is wonderful is the hens are laying lots of eggs which I am using in my cooking,  anything  from pasta to tiramisu . The taste is amazing and this special touch is much appreciated and loved by many of my clients .

As for my vegetable garden ,it’s starting to look very appetizing with many salads ready to eat, the onions nice and sweet and the tomato plants growing taller every day.

The Umbrian hills are bright green at the moment and in the fields you can still find lots of tasty wild fennel. I have in fact used some of this to create my recipe of :wild fennel foam served with Baccala fish cooked in milk…very yummy! So if anyone is interested in the recipe I’m happy to send if required.
Still talking about food, for the first time in years I managed to persuade Nick to come on one of my ‘ locally produced food ‘ tours which  I organize. So last week not only did we have the pleasure of eating the delicious cheese produced by Danilo and his son Francesco, but thanks to Nick I’m happy to be able to share this experience with you with a few photographs.


Danilo and Francesco making pecorino cheese


Pecorino cheese





from the left Claudia, Francesco, me and Danilo



I hope you enjoy these  pictures and  one day you will come to Umbria and join me on one of these wonderful tours. Amazing cheese and  a generous  cheese tasting made by these lovely people , a real foodie experience.

Ciao a presto !

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