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Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

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My Super Positive Mood

Picture by Nick Cornish

Pigeon and pancetta risotto


After 14 years of living in the Umbrian countryside, I still feel so happy and blessed that we were able to settle and make our home here. Yes I am a Roman and Nick a Londoner we both come from pretty nice, busy towns but, in my opinion,you have to go a long way to beat the beauty of living in the country, to have the ability to hear, see and smell day after day the changes of seasons on your own doorstep. At this time of year we have green meadows  covered in daisies, trees  in bloom and the birds singing happily in the morning glad the freezing days are over (well almost). This is the time I love the most! Spring is here and I feel really positive and full of energy.
Unfortunately you only need to go for a coffee in the village to hear the voices of doom because, here in our corner of Umbria, in the past we have had snow and frost even during the month of April and so the elderly locals do love to spend the time of day remembering these disastrous events that have ruined the olive plantations, vineyards etc etc. Yes of course we MUST  not forget ,but for the moment I prefer to plan the planting of new basil seeds, parsley,herbs ,vegetables, salads, fruits and anything else I can think of, and hope that over the next few months filling two wheelbarrows full of wood for the fires indoors will no longer be part of my daily chores!

Anyway a week ago while in my super positive mood, I suggested to the Palazzo del Gusto (the Palace of Teste) and to my friend Graziella from the Enoteca Regionale in Orvieto ( the Regional Wine Cellar in Orvieto ) that a fun and tasty cooking class followed by a wine tasting in the beautiful Palazzo del Gusto in Orvieto was just what was needed. Why not have an Aperitif cooking class all about finger food followed by sampling some of our wonderful  local wines  ??, “Why not indeed “ they said “ its Spring, lets do it “ So here it is, on the 30th of March, on a Sunday afternoon, an event will open for everyone in the area .The cooking class  will be in Italian but don`t be put off, I will be more than happy to explain in English what’s happening and help you out with the crazy lovely Italian people, we may bark but we don`t bite xxxxx

So, for now a big hug to everyone and if you feel like joining us on the 30th send me an email or contact Graziella’s mobile, she will book you in and put an apron aside for you !

Check out the Flyer for all the info…..of course it is all in Italian, but if you are in for it, i can  give you all the info by email.


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