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Libya, roast beef and Masterchef.

Florentine steak


Hello, after a week of silence I apologize to you all , but many things have happened. Even here in the middle of nowhere, in the green hills of Umbria, anything can happen to stop me writing.

First of all, Nick my super food critic, the sagraincasa photographer  and also my lovely husband , left a week ago for Libya . He is in Benghazi and I believe that the newspaper will need him there for a while. If you are wandering how he is, I finally got to speak to him today and he is fine. .

Regarding  the photos that I will use in these weeks , they come from a file, that we saved just in case. So, this is the truth, it is always better to be honest , right?

  In the meantime I  try to keep myself  busy . In Rome I attended a cooking class at the Gambero Rosso school . 6 hours of lessons about meat with the chef Davide Mazza. It was great, so many cooking techniques that I will overtime share with you on the blog  .Plus , when  Nick  returns home I will be able impress him with a great roast beef!

 Another thing I did was to participate in the casting selection for Master Chef Italy. Yes, finally also here in Italy , we are going to have this most popular entertainment Tv program MASTERCHEF!!  Believe me to take part in this first selection stage was exhausting (4 hours of standing in a queue and 6 hours of waiting in a Hotel meeting room ) but it was also very funny. Watching  300 people queuing with a bag containing a homemade dish … …. for me it was fantastic! I was dying to look in all those bags , but I think I only managed about 50.

Anyway, I also must say that people can be very strange. In 10 hours (long time to kill) I have seen  everything: from people who were there only interested in being part of ANY television show (12 cm high-heeled shoes , wearing super sexy clouds )some even danced the tango, just in case it could be useful (????) but luckily hundreds of people interested in the culinary world too. Very very funny  to watch.

Ok if you ask me how my interview went, I do not know yet … …. but if there is some news I’ll let you know.

But for now I thought I’d share this pics for the Super famous Florentine steak.  Easy and delicious! Enjoy. 

1 comment to Libya, roast beef and Masterchef.

  • amarituda

    Ciao Simona, il ballerino di tango l’ho perso…effettivamente di gente stramba ce ne era parecchia. A questo punto mi sto domandando come mai ero li :D :D :D
    Alla prossima! Vissia

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