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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

Food for thought :

Marinade prawns

While the fresh prawns were marinating, I wrote a list of things to do:
1)  The 8 tons of firewood for the winter are still there and not even one piece of wood has been moved.
2)  Cut grass before it gets so high that instead of three days I’ll need 6 long days to cut around the house.
3)   Wash Lui the dog  he’s a bit smelly.
4)   Preparation for the harvest this weekend: search in the garage and then wash all the big buckets and small buckets for collecting grapes, check gloves and scissors.
5)   Food to cook for 18 hungry people who have helped with the harvest.
6)   Wood for the oven … from the 8 tons waiting to be moved!
This  in short is what is going to happen to me in the coming days… … … well , with my list on the table and next to it a nice glass of white wine I enjoy the marinated prawns  . Now, If I’m still alive in the next few days, after all that work, I will  tell you what I really did. 

P.S. the first three things I think that perhaps I could postpone . … … even if the dog really stinks! 

My smelly dog Lui

 So if you’d like to try the recipe …. 

Serves 2
300 grams fresh prawns
For the marinade:
2 cups dry white wine
½ teaspoon chestnut honey
1 tablespoon lemon juice
4 leaves of lemon verbena
2 mint leaves
2 basil leaves
Salt and pepper.
How it works:
Combine all the ingredients for marinade . Marinate the prawns for 2 hours. Leave in the fridge. Drain the prawns. In a non stick pan cook the prawns for few minutes. Serve hot with chilled white wine!

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