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Spring has sprung.

pecorino cheese with chili honey

Sometimes there is no need to slave away to make a great appetizer. First class tasty ingredients will make it for you : fat black olives, slices of ​​salami (even better if it is wild boar salami) and mature pecorino cheese, accompanied, if possible, with a chili honey , believe me it’s FANTASTIC.

Here is an easy example to make and enjoy.

 In Allerona the farmers are in turmoil, suddenly spring has sprung .There are olive trees to prune, vines to be tied, soil to be prepared for planting ,repairs to outside buildings etc. etc. etc.  … … .. MAMMA MIA, these are all things that I need to do  too! Plus the grass has  grown (five days of sun and moist soil are paradise for grass)and Lui the dog needs a bath. But it is not easy when there are only two arms. … I have to find a solution because Nick will be out for a while …

 After some deep thinking  over a glass of wine there is only one answer Simona ———Pull yourself out from the winter hibernation  mode  roll up your sleeves and get hoeing or pruning or tying up vines or cutting the grass or whatever ———————————-!!!!!!!

So you lucky people have a wonderful lazy week-end and spare a little thought for me  working flat out up in these hills with my smelly dog.

2 comments to Spring has sprung.

  • Patrick Quigley

    I’ve never come across chilli honey before; it sounds interesting. I presume you just add a couple of chillis to the jar of honey and let the heat and flavour infuse. I’ll definitely have to try this.

  • Ciao Patrick, to be honest with you, I buy honey from a local apicultrice. She prepares honey with chili, truffle, peaches …. in fact she is a sorceress of honey! But I know , what she does is very natural and simple. So as you say she you leave for a period of time the chili in honey and slowly let the heat and flavour infuse. Nice.

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