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It pays to go local.

Squid in orange and lemon dressing


No matter where we live, we all have our favorite store: be it a baker, butcher or  ice cream palour. Even in my little world in the middle of Umbria, I also have my preferred shops. And today I ‘d like to tell you about a small store in Allerona  where  every so often I go to buy my plants and seeds . It’s  a wonderful family business , real experts in their field….. but there is also much more about them…they all love food! Emanuele, the owner’s son has a real passion for cooking. He grew up with a true expert in the kitchen ,his MAMMA, and she has passed  onto him all her passion and knowledge for good food. So on one of my last visits to the shop standing between the turnips and eggplants Emanuele and I discussed different types of recipes and just as I was leaving he said to me …Devi provare questa è fresca e veloce ( you must try this one, it is fresh and quick to do). So here I am, I`ve done it and it`s so good I’d like to pass it onto you. I think I`ve got the right proportions between the lemon  and orange juice but anyway I can tell you the dish was delicious!

In conclusion, in life you never know … … you go out to buy a turnip plant and you come back with a great recipe for squid… what a service, not bad at all !!

Serve 2

500 grams squid
1 / 2 lemon juice
1 / 2 orange juice
fresh herbs (thyme, parsley, mint, chives, marjoram), finely chopped
1 / 2 clove garlic, finely chopped
1 small chili  (seeded), finely chopped
EVO oil
How it works: in a non-stick frying pan cook squid (previously cut into a net). Cook on both sides for 3 minutes, using a fork to push down the squid during cooking. In a bowl combine EVO oil , lemon and orange juices, fresh herbs, garlic, chili and salt. Mix well. Combine the squid and their natural cooking liquid. Mix and serve warm or at room temperature.

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