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Special offer

bucatini swordfish and coriander

bucatini swordfish and coriander

Today the swordfish was on offer and the fact that normally, considering the price, I rarely buy it … I decided I could not let it go! then with a nice slice of 500 grams I’ve done two courses: a finger of course (and you will see it tomorrow) and a pasta dish in foil. The version of baked pasta I’ve always liked,  for  the crispy part and for the presentation of the dish. However, the flavor of fresh coriander with swordfish worked great, so watch for deals!
Serves 4
350 grams of swordfish
400 gr bucatini pasta
1 clove garlic
Salt, pepper, E.V.O. oil
½ glass of wine
For the pesto:
two large handfuls of coriander leaves
30 g almonds
30 g parmesan
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

How it works:
Start with the pesto, put all ingredients in a blender and adjust with more oil if necessary, then put aside. Clean the fish by depriving the skin and bone inside, cut in squares. In a skillet, brown the garlic and pour the fish and  blend with the wine. Stir in the pesto and mix well together. Drain the pasta al dente and set aside a ladle of cooking water. Add the pasta and sauce mix for a minute (must be dry), and extinguish the fire. Cut parchment paper into four sheets at individual portions and a tie with kitchen twine. In the oven for 5 minutes at 180 degrees and are ready.

2 comments to Special offer

  • Bruce Kohler

    Can you buy fresh coriander leaves in any market near Orvieto? I haven’t seen them and was coming to the conclusion that I would have to grow my own. Is that what you’re doing?

  • Unfortunately it’s true, in Orvieto you can not buy fresh coriander. I begin to sow the coriander seeds in mid-April, plus during the winter ,Nick buys it directly from the market Esquilino in Rome.
    Let me know if you would like some, we usually have some in the fridge.

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