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The birthday curse

tuna steak


Early October, here in Umbria we have a grey sky and it’s raining , plus in a few days it’s going to be Nick’s birthday. Regarding Nick’s birthday we have a strange bad luck that’s been following us for a while. Everything started years ago when Nick was celebrating is 40th. For days we were thinking and planning  the big event: what to  cook ,which and how many cocktails and clearly a huge chocolate cake to make. But on his birthday we were BOTH SICK, and despite a cake in the fridge waiting for him, the only thing we were able to eat was boiled potatoes! Since that day five years ago ,the  same thing happens every year. Sick, both of us, sick each year,  just a couple of days before Nick’s birthday!! Anyway ,on my feverish journey to the pharmacy yesterday, I also decide to buy some fresh fish  from the small white van. I took two slices of tuna, certainly better  than boiled potato I thought! So I’m writing to you from my sofa with a woolen cap on my  head and three blankets over me. We lit the fireplace to get some warmth into the house and also to cook a good and quick dinner . Unfortunately without a glass of white wine ….  only a tedious  hot drink  waiting for us. Let’s Cross fingers and hope that over the weekend we will both be feeling better  and ready for the big day !!!!!
 Serves 2
Two fresh tuna steaks
10 grams of pine nuts
1 / 3 clove of garlic
A sprig of parsley
Evo oil
Salt and pepper
Here’s how:
In a mortar crush the pine nuts, garlic salt and pepper. Add the chop parsley and continue to crush. Put the pesto mixture into a bowl and add evo oil. Let stand for 20 minutes, in room temperature. Cook the tuna steak on the grill ( or nonstick pan).During the cooking brush some of the pesto mixture over the tuna. Cook over high heat for 4 minutes, 2 minutes per side. Serve with the rest of the pesto mixture.

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