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Autumnal thoughts.

sausage lentils and figs!

For many years, I have picked  figs from the same tree. It’s a massive one. The figs from this tree have black skin , red flesh and they are very sweet. Walking with my dog in the afternoon, I brought with me a paper bag and I picked the last figs of this season . Back home, the fireplace was lit in the kitchen, watching the sunset   behind the green hills through the window … ..  the first thing I thought was, bloody Nora all my winter clothes are in the attic! so after this deep thought, my second thought  went on  something warm and comfortable to eat. Of course I also wanted to use the figs, so here’s my last recipe with fresh figs! By the way have  you put out all your winter clothes yet?

Ingredients for 4

8 good pork sausages

2 tbsp Evo oil

125 grams pancetta cubed

300 grams Umbrian green lentils

1 glass dry white wine

500 ml chicken stock

Salt and pepper

For the figs:

50 ml red wine

50 ml balsamic vinegar

50 ml Vin santo ( port or sherry)

75 grams sugar

1 cinnamon stick

350 grams fresh figs

How it work:

In a pan cook the sausage in Evo oil 5 minutes, ones brown outside put a side. In the same pan add chopped onion. once soft add the pancetta. cook  for 4 minutes until brown. Add the lentils mix and pour in the wine and the stock. Add salt and pepper. Once boiling add the sausages. Cook on a low heat for 3o minutes add more stock if necessary.

For the figs: In to a saucepan put sugar , balsamic vinegars and wines. Over heat dissolve the sugar and bring the liquid  to the boil. Turn the heat down and keep stirring for few minutes more. Add figs cut in half. Cook for 5 minutes more.

Serve the lentils and sausage with the fig syrupy.

2 comments to Autumnal thoughts.

  • Jackie

    Figs are very cheap and plentiful in London at the moment so I`m off to buy the sherry.

  • Momoko

    Grazie per una buona ricetta! I cooked this recipe too and I liked the balance of saltiness and sweetness. Additional to your original recipe, I put a hint of Madeira wine and confiture of chocolate and onion to figs! There are still some stewed figs left so I’m going to eat them with vanilla ice cream…

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