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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

Beans, peas and onion.

Solid caprese


After consulting a  few old men from the  village and of course double checking  online, I think the weather is going to be OK. So next week we’ll start to plant something in the vegetable garden! A bit of fertilizer first ..then the last go with the cultivator and we’re ready. Green beans, onions, salads, and maybe I will try with some peas too, even if it is a bit too late for those. I love planting seeds and baby plants. Honestly I am a bit too obsessive about the accuracy of the lines in my garden …. Although there are some old men in the village who are even worse than me. They even use a wire to be more precise!!! Not me of course.

 It ‘also true that I always try to start good… and then August my vegetable garden  looks like a jungle, tomato and cucumber leaves everywhere. So this year I’ll try to be less rigid at the start and more consistent at the end
 Any way before gardening something more fun is going to happen: this Sunday Sagraincasa Supper Club opens up . Have you herd  of these very good and trendy “underground restaurants “  that have started all around the world? We thought…why not have a go to.

 A table for 8 people here in my house, where you can eat a drink to your heart’s content … … ..and… any way… I’ll explain everything next week, do not worry.
For now here’s another finger food, a Caprese revisited in solid form !!!!!!! You must excuse me, but after two month…I have a great desire to experiment. By the way it ‘s easy and delicious.

ingredients for 15 canapés
For the Jelly tomatoes sauce :500 grams  can Tomatoes chop or fresh tomatoes chop,1 clove garlic, Evo oil, salt.
6 leaves of gelatin
Jelly basil: 60 grams of basil leaves
100 ml warm water
3 sheets of gelatin
Cheese on top: 250 grams Burrata cheese
sea ​​salt
Evo oil

Sliced bread.

Here’s how: Jelly Tomatoes sauce:  Cook tomatoes sauce for 15 minutes. After soaking the 6 gelatin leaves in the warm water add to the sauce  . Pour into a plastic container 22x 22 cm (more or less). Allow to set. Once solidified, using a mould cut into squares 4×4 cm

Jelly basil: After soaking the3 gelatin in the warm water add the basil leaves and blend in a mixer, filter it, and then solidify into a plastic container 22 x 22 cm (more or less). Allow to set.

Cut the bread into squares of 4.30 x4, 30 cm. Toast on both sides. let cool.

Finally chop the Burrata cheese.

Compose the finger food: starting with bread add jelly tomatoes, jelly basil , burrata cheese and top with a drop of Evo oil, pepper and sea salt.

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