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Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

Picasso we're not!

fish lasagna

Two things before I start, first of all, sorry for the delay of my post, and second… moms are the same in every country in the world! Many thanks to Jackie , Nick’s mom who wrote a very nice comment on her sons first recipe on Sagraincasa.

Ok now , the reason for the delay of a new post is we have spent 3 days painting  Mamma mia it was tough but we`re almost done  But let’s start from the beginning: Nicholas, Jackie’s son and my sweet husband  said to me: Don’t worry about the painting..I `m quite good at it ,infect I would go as far as to say I could have been a professional!!! So  a  few hours later when Nick was still on the same wall, he decided to entertain me by telling me about his short career as a painter when he was a young man.        

He told me that during those early days he worked for £20 a day in London. Unfortunately every so often it happened that he was late for work or at other times he took too many long breaks for lunch … so eventually he made no money …. In fact, he almost risked having to pay the customer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this point I had to give my honest reaction to the situation which was THANK GOD  you decided to change careers and become a photographer . So now you can understand the atmosphere : on one side Nick’s past experience as a decorator  and on the other side me not only not an expert but also to be honest I am not a very tall person so I needed the ladder every 5 minutes! … …

Any way, we can only hope the end result justifies this torture.

Not one of my favorite chores.

However ,I keep telling myself  there is no effort without glory, no gain without pain and  after a couple of days of hard work we have been able to enjoy a new version of fish lasagna and a good glass of wine … … .. under the porch of course away from the smell of that paint !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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