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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

Organized Chaos !

Mackerel and Mussels Spaghetti


And now….. here is a brief outline of the holiday . With the event of a 48 hours national strike in Greece, we made a decision and into the car went the bicycles ,a mini-bbq, a wooden table ( a little broken ) two chairs,( also not in good condition) 2 wine glasses( for a touch of class )  plates, a small tent, 2 pillows and camping  mattresses ….. we are no longer so young ….. and off we went to SARDINIA !

The first days were bliss, we rented a small fridge which was put  under a pine tree next to our tent  …. perfect! Peace and quiet were the key words.

La Caletta


Capo Comino


Santa Lucia


Capo Comino


Then surprise who arrived, my brother Pierpaolo, Lara my sister-in-law, my nephew Zeno and his school friend Yuri  !!!!!  It can only be described as organized CHAOS  from then on …… the evenings started at 6.30 pm with an Aperitivo , from there  the preparation of dinner was shared by all. We each had a task and even the children enjoyed taking part in the fun  We cooked some fantastic things with only a small bbq or a camping stove. We had to use the  stove  every time THE RED FLAG WAS UP because that was the warning it was too windy to use the bbq.  Even so,  we were not discouraged and we made some delicious dishes. The only problem ,as always, was the washing up so every evening,  we played cards and the losing couple had to get on with it …… in two weeks, I only washed the dishes  twice !!!!!! what a fantastic holiday.

Me in Santa Lucia


Back home Nick and I decided to recapture the moment with this fish and tomatoes sauce which was voted  as one of our best camping dishes. So why don`t you give it a go, you don`t even have to sleep in a tent to enjoy it!

Serve 4

400 grams of spaghetti

900 grams mussels ( fresh and clean)

400 grams fish mackerel

a handful of olives pitted and chopped

a handful of capers

1 clove of garlic

1 / 2 red chili seeded and finely chopped

1 kg ripe red tomatoes, finely chopped

a dash of dry white wine

a handful of finely chopped parsley

Evo oil, salt

How it works:  Clean the mackerel and remove the inside fillet (or buy fillet direct from the fish counter!) Cut the it into pieces.

In a pan heat garlic, evo oil, chili. Add  capers and olives. After a few seconds add  wine , simmer to evaporate the wine and add chopped tomatoes. Cook for 15 minutes. In the meantime, start  cooking the pasta. Combine the chopped mackerel fillet, mussels, part of the parsley with the sauce and cook for 5 minutes more. Drain the pasta al dente then mix it with the sauce directly in the pan , add more parsley. Serve

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