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Hilda & Bea


With great sorrow I have to tell you that one of our goats Bea has been fatally attacked by a wolf. It ‘happened during the night and the  next morning when I found her  it was horrible. Unfortunately Nick was away  and I had to decide on a quick solution, whether to call someone to bury her or leave her until Nick  comes back in few days ? … In the last case the problem would be that the smell would attract  other animals and that would put  our second goat in danger too … …. So in the end the answer was to drag poor Bea out of the pen for the night and then close the second goat Hilda in a safer place. The next day, Bea was buried, but the horror story does not end there. Hilda ,terrified to stay inside the fence by herself,  did everything to escape. Somehow she found the energy to jump the fence five times. So now  the dilemma was (1) should we buy a new pet goat for Hilda, and thus continue a cycle that goes on for 7 years? Or (2) find a new home for Hilda? With great pain we have chosen the second option .Although we haven’t been to see her yet we hope she’ll be very happy with her eight new friends.

So it is all very sad , and although I know when you live in the countryside these things are a way of life, unfortunately I cannot get used to it and the loss of my two goats makes me feel very very unhappy. So I hope that for today you will understand why there is no picture or recipe on the blog, just a request that you all  please raise a glass of wine to bless both Bea and Hilda.


1 comment to Hilda & Bea

  • ketty

    vedendo questa bellissima foto anche il cuore si rilassa. Speriamo che Hilda dopo tanta paura trovi una compagnia che la faccia star meclio, cosi anche per voi sarà meno dura. Tanti baci e cin cin.

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