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Everything’s peachy.

peach jam


At long last our little peach tree has produced some fruit, fine, large, ripe peaches with lovely red pulp,  how amazing is that? For the next week Nick and I were eating four or five peaches a day sometimes  sipping a little white wine with the peaches sliced in the glass( very nice it was too!!.), it was when we started offering them to Hilda the goat we realized we had had enough of peaches (she loved them but  of course it was without the wine!) … .. any way in the end we had  had more than  enough and couldn’t eat any more . 

 But unfortunately on the tree there were still a couple of kilos to pick! So I said to Nick: What do you think if I make some peach jam?  he said: Simona we rarely eat jam at breakfast? You are right I said, but we could  use it in  the cake I’ll make .. and Nick said: Simona you rarely make cakes. That’s what I love about my husband he is always so positive! 

 Damn I thought, what are we going to do when the tree is fully grown and producing even more fruit if we have had enough after one week. 

Anyway I decided to carry on and make peach jam which was so easy I got carried away and made a few jars of fig jam as well. 

fig jam


And you know what, just between us, the last five or six mornings when it has been Nicks turn to prepare our cappuccino, I swear the smell of toast is coming from the kitchen and when I checked ,the levels of both of the jars of jam are definitely  going down.. .. …so who knows maybe we can always change our habits of a life time…. can’t we?! 

Ingredients: peach jam
2 kilo of peaches, 800 grams of granulated sugar.
Fig jam:
2 kilo of figs, sugar 1kilo
How it works: Remove the stones and with the skin still on chop the peaches into pieces . Place in a large pot and add the sugar. Cover and leave to rest for the night. The next day, simmer for one hour or until they form a thick consistency, but you must remember to turn often with a wooden spoon. Blend with a hand held mixer. Pour the hot jam into the sterilized  jars, put the lid on tightly and turn upside down to stand and cool (this is useful for safe storage).
For fig jam remove the stalk but leave the skin on. Put into a large pot and add the sugar. Follow the same procedure as used for peach jam. During the cooking remove the seeds that will rise to the top.

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