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The country King and I

Crispy potato threads, lamb and fresh spinach



Hello to you all

I know it’s been a long time, so after weeks of not only doing lots of  cooking but also working really hard in the garden, I thought it was about time I brought you up to date with what`s been happening in our very own Umbrian Camelot .
After the olive trees were pruned we then had to burn the branches. It was really hard work made even harder by the grass under and around the trees which had grown  nearly as tall as me! The thought of  snakes and many other creatures that might not be so friendly hiding in the long grass ready to bite me for invading their privacy, did not help. However, I have to say not only did I come out unscathed after waiting for the dead olive branches to burn but I also discovered with great pleasure that the borage flower is absolutely delicious to eat and has a very pleasant taste of cucumber. Well, I really felt like Alice in her the wonderland!

Our vineyard this year is already looking very beautiful but with all the rain we`ve had , the growth of everything has been very vigorous, so the ground under the vines has had to be cleared by Nick patiently cutting the grass under all the 24 rows.

The countryside at this time of year is amazing with everything growing so green and lush!


Views from our window


Fortunately ( for me,) a few years ago Nick decided he was the King and  master of our newly acquired garden toy, the STRIMMER, so over the last few weeks I have given all my support and encouragement to my KING to fight this serious growing battle. At the moment, looking around me, I have to say, that he is far from winning  ,but I must not be negative, the battle is just beginning…. summer has only just begun!

So this country King of mine,( who a long time ago upt sticks  and left the big city of London to fight his battles in the Umbrian countryside where the Tube Trains and Black Cabs are replaced by donkeys and small machines with three wheels , called API, meaning a small bee) ,decided last week to create a much needed  new vegetable garden .

We had  both thought it needed to be moved to a new plot for some time. This of course involved a lot of work as it had to be dug over and fertilized to give more energy to the new plants..Yet another great job was done by Nick the King,  I must say, I’m super happy with the result.
So now it’s my turn to do my bit and Nick has declared I am to be the QUEEN of  the vegetable garden . `Wait a minute `I said ` I `v always done it`, can`t I have a change and be Queen of a REAL castle, perhaps they need me in the UK`?? I said. ` No` he said, `I don`t think so, its much better here , just concentrate on your subjects, the plants and vegetables, and then you can eat them!!!


Me and Rosetta in the vegetable garden

This weekend, while Nick took a little break from his battle against the strong and lush grass, I took up my position in the new kingdom.
But Nick’s break wasn’t all rest , he put on his other hat and took some great photos which I hope will show you why two townies like us decided to change our life styles 12 years ago and move to this beautiful place.


The vineyard

My Royal Carrage



I wish a good week to all of you and I hope you enjoy my small report from Umbria!

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