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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2


Cooking Class 100% HANDS IN


Yesterday morning looking from my farm house in Allerona , Umbria  you couldn’t`t see the end of your nose let alone the surrounding countryside! In fact the fog was so thick and eerie it seemed like I was on a different planet, I was even a bit scared to leave the house.

But being a country girl I decided to brave the elements ( but only because I had to find my car ). I knew it was near the vineyard, but where? ..Anyway in the end I found it by walking into it which was fortunate because I had to drive to  Orvieto to collect a group of American students from the Study Abroad  School of Arizona based in Orvieto. After filling both mine and a second car with 11 students we drove back to my country home” in the middle of nowhere” ( and this time this expression was  VERY appropriate ). But inside the fire in the kitchen was on and the house was warm and cozy,and everything was ready to start a new cooking class. Among the students there was also one of the professors , I had the pleasure to meet him last summer during another of my cooking sessions , he loves Italian food and he was overjoyed to be able to join the group and follow a new lesson in my house.


The menu consisted of Appetizer:

Savoury Sesame Croissants stuffed with Mortadella , as well as a vegetarian version using sun dried tomatoes , black olives, basil and cheese

Main Dish:

   Handmade fresh Tagliatelle served with a rich and tasty tomato sauce, sausage and mushrooms


Torta caprese, a gluten free cake made with dark 75% chocolate and crunchy almonds

The group was very enthusiastic , they ploughed into  preparing the dough then  rolled it and made their  Tagliatelle. They  learned why every sauce requires a different type of pasta and also some of the secrets of cooking a truly Italian meal .

Yet again it was a most enjoyable experience not just for me but also, from their reactions , for the student too. In fact one of the girls in the group was also celebrating her birthday  and she was thrilled to have the opportunity to share an unforgettable day cooking and of course eating well , birthday cake included! surrounded by friends, beautiful green hills, olive trees,  a noisy goat and clucking chickens. Even the fog had obliged and cleared

So now the days are ticking by and it won`t be long before I fly to London, the Italian cooking Workshop will begin February 17th .The themes of the  classes will be;   Italian Family Classic, Hand Made Pasta,   The Building Blocks of Italian Food  and last but not least  Appetizers , Italian finger food to enjoy with a glass of wine  .For those of you who have an interest in Italian food, it would be a pleasure and an honor to meet you in Wandsworth  and share my professional knowledge and a few of my grandmothers tips .Here is the link for more information and booking.

Ciao and I wish a good week to all of you.

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