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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

A bit more grown up!

Lemoncello Pannacotta served with a lemon Sorbet top ,crunchy pistachio and white chocolate .


Already we`re coming to the end of May and even though Nick and I live in the quiet peaceful rolling hills situated in a corner of Umbria near Orvieto we have had a hectic time this month both work wise and also socially which involved meeting up with lots of really warm friendly people.
Our vegetable garden is prepared and ready for full production. 60 tomato plants are in, beautiful and ready to grow. Zucchini, eggplant , green beans,  you name it we`ve planted it. There have been a few of the usual problems with the salad planting caused by the damn snails thinking its party time and seeing fit to start eating it before we do. But never mind there is always plenty of food here for everyone , and anyway those snails could end up in a good sauce one day , so I’m happy to know they`ve  eaten well and healthily !
Also this month, through my work, I have had the pleasure of meeting many lovely people who also share my passion for good food . As far as I am concerned if people are interested in learning new things about or just eating good food … what can go wrong in any language ?
But the big news , of which I feel very proud ,is, after a span of four years we have decided to give this small family business blog  Sagraincasa  a new modern facelift  … how can I say…we just want to  look a bit ‘ more professional `  a bit more `grown up `  So with the great help of a London design artist and using some beautiful photographs taken by Nick of the area over the years , we have created a new website for SAGRAINCASA , ok mine is clearly a personal opinion , but believe me It is BEAUTIFUL, I love it!


There are three things that I particularly like that you will find on the new site, the first and most important one is that after years of appreciation regarding Nick’s photographic skills  , he has finally decided to teach and share his knowledge ( acquired over many years as a press photographer )and passion with anyone who is interested in photography. You can find all the info on the new website ( I feel very grownup adding this )

The second is that from  now, it will be possible to take a look at what is happening daily (well almost) in my kitchen. You can do this just by clicking a page within the site ( Social Media)  and even those who do not like to be part of the social network like FB or Intagram etc etc etc can have easy access  . So I think this is pretty cool !

And the third is the THE COUNTRY WEDDING….but I`m not going to say anymore so please click on the link and have a look yourself at our exciting new ideas.

So  a short  summary for this month, is that even though we love the country life, we have , at the same time, made a leap into the future. Also during this time so many people from different parts of the world have passed by and shared with us their stories and experiences. All in all not a bad month for a couple who live in the middle of nowhere!


Sagra in Casa farmhouse in Umbria

Sagra in Casa farmhouse, Umbria

Sagra in Casa farmhouse, Umbria

But now after all these deep and meaningful thoughts, it is better I come back to reality  and go and check how many salads we have left in the vegetable garden , because yes while I do not mind  being generous and sharing with the snails  Mamma Mia there is a limit !!!!!!!!


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