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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2


Homemade gnocchi with sausage ragù picture by Nick Cornish

Homemade gnocchi with sausage ragù


Here we are already at the end of January, and I have to say so far things are going very well in 2015. The winter here in Umbria (at the moment ) is being very gracious, our chickens are productive and Hilda the goat is well and cheeky as always. But the really big bonus is that for the first time in many years our house, situated in the hills, is lovely and warm thanks to the wonderful wood stove (made in Denmark) that we had installed last year.At last we don’t need to go around INSIDE the house with hat and gloves on any longer !!!

A couple of days ago I  had the pleasure of working in a new winery in the Orvieto area, where, with a fantastic group of students from the Kansas  State University  I ran a cooking class. The Cantina Neri, is a family-owned wine cellar, they produce excellent wine and a tasty extra virgin olive oil. I am very happy about this new collaboration and to be able run a cooking class with twenty-three students in a professional kitchen, located  in the beautiful hills of Umbria for me was a  real honor .

Kansas State University group at the Neri Wine Cellar, pictures by Michele

The barriques cellar

Cooking class at the Cantina Neri

Myself with the students in the process to make gnocchi, picture by Caternia

We worked on a menu of three starters and a hearty plate of homemade gnocchi with a rich sausage sauce. The students showed wonderful enthusiasm and really enjoyed  making the food . After the cooking class they then had  wine tasting to chose the best wine to accompany the food we had prepared during the class. My friend Graziella ,an excellent Sommelier,taught  them  what to look for in a glass of wine and how to taste it .

So all in all, we gave them a great welcome to Umbria !!! I must say it was  a big success and my many thanks and much appreciation  go to  Michele ( Graziella’s boyfriend ) for taking the photos and of course last but by no means least my great assistant Caterina.

The exciting news goes on and on……….

Last year my friend Lorna and I ran two Italian cookery workshops in London…….The result is we have been requested to do the same this year ,so I will be returning to this beautiful city in May . I am so happy about that, and that people loved and enjoyed this culinary experience. Added to all that I get the pleasure of working in my new kitchen in Calbourne Road, London. Mamma mia its all happening.

And on and on……….

I am still pinching myself, can it be true????  I have been asked to go to America this year and my answer is  YES PLEASE ! So in the middle of March Nick and I will arrive in the USA and travel around three different states, sharing my passion for Italian food. OMG ,HOW AMZAING IS THAT??!!! We will also be visiting lots of old friends who have been to our home and cooked with me in the past. It’s going to be lots of cooking ,eating and fun for nearly three weeks!!


This will be our first visit to the States so we are planning to record our new experience by taking lots of pictures to share with you. Nick is going to pack his camera and as for me I will try to squeeze in a piece or two of Parmigiano cheese

Well that`s all the news for now….I will be posting the USA itinerary soon and if anyone would like to join us for an  Italian cooking workshop , it will be great !

So Ciao for today and stay tuned .

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