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Something fishy going on

black risotto with clams

It has a nice look and a very good taste ,so why do we use it so little? I recently discovered the black rice, and after eating for the first time I was honestly very impressed. I decided to merge it with clams and cod, a fairly classic risotto but believe me ,the quality of rice has increased at least 6 points this dish. I wonder how many of you know and use the riso nero? Maybe it was just me that I lived in ignorance!

Serves 4
1 kilogram of clams “ Veraci”
300 grams cod
500 g black rice
1 liter fish stock
1 clove garlic
Evo Oil
1, 1 / 2 cups dry white wine
Salt and pepper

How it works:
Put the clams into the pan with 1 glass of wine, close the lid. In 5 minutes the clams begin to open, turn off the heat. Filter clam water through cheesecloth and set aside. Clean the clams from shells keeping some for the final decoration of the dish. In a pot (copper is best) melt butter and oil with a clove of garlic. Add rice and cook for one minute stirring with a wooden spoon. Combine the filtered water and continue to turn, when the water starts to restrict add cod diced and wine. When the liquid has evaporated again, add the broth and continue to turn. Repeat. When risotto is cook, add the clams, parsley and a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix the rice and allow to rest a few minutes before serving.

2 comments to Something fishy going on

  • vasile(marcedvr)

    everything I saw your site I delighted, as the inspired JamieOliver I am sure that many times from you I what to “steal” congratulations …

  • Hello , thanks so much for your compliments, I just saw your blog and frankly even if is only 8.30am I feel ready to taste that great dish of Gnocchi that you did! Congratulations for the photos and the blog, I think it is very beautiful.

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