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A few of my favorite thing

buffalo and truffle

Maybe it’s because I’m in a good mood, it  maybe all the sun and the smell of summer, it can also be because our aperitif at  7:00 pm in the winter time , has now become an aperitif of 8:00 pm, and more importantly we can also drink it in the garden, however, for this Saturday I made a finger food 100% Italian style, using super high quality ingredients. I believe that in the UK or U.S., Australia or Japan (well anywhere other than Italy) … .. for those who want to do this finger food it will be a bit ‘expensive, but if you feel in a good mood, it isn’t a punishment. The preparation is quick and easy. The combination of these three ingredients came into my mind for one reason: I decided to combine three of the things I like best. …, well  what a great idea, I’m proud of me! But now I must be honest and tell you that two of the ingredients come directly from the producers and this make it even more special.

Allerona ,our village, with Orvieto in the background

Yes because my parents, whom I met in Orvieto for a coffee, have brought me truffles from Abruzzo ( they buy directly from a small family owned business, where men of the house, using their dogs, find truffles and then sell them fresh or  in jug). The other ingredient is the buffalo mozzarella.  When you drive back from Abruzzo  to Rome (Lazio) you will  pass through the Molise ( another region like Campania famous for the production of buffalo mozzarella and many other good things). When you drive, you can find small stores that sell their local products. What do you say ?  I know, we are a family mad for good  food! However  using these ingredients I combined the porcini mushrooms, that I love. So here you are, my super Italian finger food!

1 buffalo mozzarella cheese
150 grams of Porcini mushrooms frozen
3 teaspoons truffle sauce 100%
1 clove garlic
Few parsley leaves
Evo Oil
Salt and pepper
How it works:
Cook in a pan, for 7 minutes, the porcini mushrooms, directly from frozen, with evo oil and a clove of garlic. In mixer blend the mushrooms cooked add the parsley, a pinch of salt and pepper. Cut the mozzarella into small pieces and drain off excess milk. In a small dish for finger food, put the mushroom sauce ,over the top place the buffalo mozzarella  and a bit of truffle to finish. Done!

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