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prosecco with strawberries


Yesterday was a great day, Nick and I celebrated our 13 years of marriage … …. My god 13 years! At that time I was a young girl  living in London and  randomly decided to rent a room in a house near Chalk Farm. The beautiful  landlord of the house  was Nick! So in short ,after a few months  we became friends and six months after we got married in Rome! Our marriage was unconventional, no written invitations, no photographer, no dinner served sitting for hours at tables, no expensive clothes. Indeed, I remember my grandmother  was not sure if we were really married , because Nick did not have a jacket or tie and I wore leather sandals ! It was great, lots of sunflowers, fresh buffalo mozzarella from Naples, local dishes and plenty of good wine and music. Friends and relatives who, despite the language problem,  could communicate through the joy and fun. After the church ceremony we left for the festa on my old motorino.

1997 leaving the church


The crowd cheered as Nick spent 15 minutes trying to kick start my old scooter. All this was 13 years ago.  So yesterday, after a fantastic prosecco with strawberries ice  in the garden as an aperitif , we had a lovely dinner .  Auguri .

1 bottle of Prosecco Extra Dry
500 grams of strawberries
How it works:
Clean the strawberries and mix with a blender . Pour the strawberry puree in ice cubes holders and leave to freeze . Serve Prosecco very cold with  in 1 or 2 cubes of strawberry ice.

5 comments to Auguri

  • lara

    (Anyway you look the same of 13 years ago!)
    :) )

  • Lorna

    Congratulations your story is so romantic. I love the photo too. Yesterday My parents celebrated their 55th year together! We celebrated with some Prosecco, but without the strawberry, i shall be making some strawberry cubes of ice for another day, what a lovely idea. Welldone.

  • Alice D

    Arrrhhhhh! sooooo lovely! You two are so romantic!
    Many Congratulation!!

  • Ciao Bill, grazie very very much. You are right 14!!!! we had lovley time in Sardinia and for our wedding anniversary we had lots of fresh fish , Vermentino and Torbato wine…..just perfect!
    Regarding the ingredients variation….it sound very good i will give it a go too.
    ciao ciao

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