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Saved by the bell !

beef fillet to up with green beans and pistachios pesto


Do you remember my famous freezer? It’s the big investment we made during the spring and  it’s also the reason why this summer, my mission will not be to go on holiday , but to fill it up  with all the wonderful  vegetables our garden will give us! Well , this piece of technology  saved me a few days  ago. The story is a classic: four of our friends who were holidaying in the area, phoned  to say they would like to pop in that evening for an  aperitivo. Great I thought, but then looking in the fridge a little question came to mind: Mamma mia ,   what can I give them as an appetizer ? The drinks situation was good, but the appetizer needed to be done. Ok, honestly to do something with zucchini. NOOOOOOOO, actually, I was not in the mode. Then a little bell rang in my head! A slice of beef fillet in the freezer. A single, small and lonely fillet. So I thought that during the time my small fillet defrosted: I could take the green beans from the vegetable garden ,steam and mix them  with pistachios to make a fresh  pesto  to put on top of my fillet. I could finish my country girl tasks : water the vegetable garden , feed the goats and walk the dog. There would even be time for a shower!  The preparation of this finger food was fast. The  Grechetto wine was delicious and worked very well with the fillet. I could never be disappointed with this freezer ,even if  my friends are on vacation … .. and me … not!

Ingredients for 6 finger food
1 slice of beef fillet, 2 cm thick
A handful of green beans
10 grams pistachios
3 mint leaves
½ clove garlic
Evo Oil
Salt and pepper
 ¼  of  lemon zest
How it works:
Steam the green beans and let cool. In a blender combine pistachios, green beans, mint, Evo oil, salt and pepper. Put the  green beans and pistachio pesto aside. Cut the fillet into cubes. In a nonstick pan cook on high heat  the  fillet cubes on both sides, the interior should remain pink. Serve fillets cubes  with green beans and pistachio pesto on top and finely chopped  lemon zest.

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