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Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

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The home coming ……

tonnarelli allo scoglio

It has been almost two months since Nick has left for Libya. He is doing a great job and I’m very proud of him. But I hope this is going to be the last week, two months is a long time. On Sunday we managed to speak, but unfortunately with all the things I wanted to say to him, I forgot to ask….. does the cultivator work with gasoline or a mixture???????

Because of the hot sunny days(it’s not  normal , it’s seems like August!) the countryside has been going mad so there`s lots of work to do.The olive trees have all been pruned, but now I must hurry up and  collect all the branches. Some I will give to the goats ( they love to eat the leaves) the rest I will have to  burn. I need to do this job as soon as possible because once the grass gets too high, it is not easy to collect them in the field.

I also must start preparing the soil for the vegetable garden … …  every farmer around Allerona has already done it, there is no excuse these days the job must be done.

My dream is for Nick to come home and the only commitment  will be for us to enjoy some excellent food with excellent wine .

 Talking about excellent food, here is a Tonnarelli allo Scoglio dish (Tonnarelli fresh pasta with sea food), believe me, you would be very lucky to eat a dish so generous in sea food in a restaurant, it`s easy and cheaper to prepare at home, add some good white wine ,it’ll be perfect.

 Unfortunately this is the last picture in my “save file” so my next post it will be when Nick returns and everything gets back to normal. I am really excited and looking forward to that. Ciao

Serves 2
200 grams of Tonnarelli (or spaghetti)
250 grams of cherry tomatoes
2 clove garlic
1 / 3 cup dry white wine
Evo oil
a handful of finely chopped parsley
a handful of mussels
a handful of clams
6 baby octopus 
2 big prawns
2 Mantis Shrimp
½ fresh chili finely chopped

How it work: Clean the mussels.Wash the sand from the clams Dissolve 36 grams of salt per litre of water. Fill a large bowl and place a plate upside down on the bottom. Then fill with the salt and water mix and soak the clams (they must be immersed just below the water level), let stand for three to four hours in cool place. Remove from water and quickly rinse before cooking.
 In large pan heat Evo oil and garlic, add the baby octopus , mussels, big prawns and Mantis Shrimp. After a minute add the wine, 1 / 3 of the parsley and cook over high heat. After a minute add the cherry tomatoes cut in half. Cook for 5 minutes and remove the garlic. In the meantime in a small pan heat Evo oil and garlic add clams , parsley and a drop of the wine. Cook until the clams are open,throw away any that aren`t open and remove garlic. Cook pasta, drain and mix in with the sauce in the large pan. Add  clams and cooking liquid ,mix well  over high heat for a minute .Serve with fresh parsley

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