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Free Pass.


chicken liver cooked with cherries and balsamic vinegar


At last it`s here, it`s cherry time, I love them! Unfortunately if you go to the market you find them at 3.80 euro for kilo, even when they are in full season , I do not understand this !!!!!  

Anyway, lucky us , we have a free pass from Maria our neighbor to pick all we need from her tree… a super mega cherry tree, not far from our house…a real bonus. So last weekend when Pippi (my brother) Lara (my best friend and sister- in- law) and Zeno (my lovely nephew ..a  little  monkey) came to visit us we decided, as they live in Rome, that it would be great for my nephew Zeno to be able to run around ,climb trees and enjoy the freedom of the beautiful countryside. Nick and I decided to take him and his city parents to the super mega cherry tree and share our free pass with them. Each armed with a small basket we started picking the cherries, Mamma mia there were so many, everywhere ….the branches  were so full .  


my nephew Zeno

cherries ready to bee pick

Walking back home we started eating them …before long we`d finished about a third of our harvesting … it`s like that with cherries… once you start …not easy to stop!!!.  

As we filled our mouths with the fruits of our neighbor Nick had an idea for a recipe, he described how to cook it and how to combine all the ingredients, to me it seemed like a great idea. So for our supper that evening he cooked it for us So here it is….for his first time as a chef on Sagraincasa, let’s give a big welcome to Nick and his chicken livers cooked in cherries, white wine , balsamic vinegar with a hint of chili! … Fantastic … 




Do you know what??? I`d better watch my back! 

Serves 2

250 grams of chicken liver 

a hand full of cherries, pitted 

1 garlic crushed 

Evo oil 

1 / 2 fresh chili, seeded and chopped 

1 large glass dry white wine 

a dash of balsamic vinegar 

salt and pepper. 

Here’s how: Heat the oil in the pan with the garlic and chili , add the cherries. Cook for a minute and add part of the wine and cook until evaporated, then add the balsamic vinegar. Continue to pour in the remaining wine and simmer until completely reduced. Add the chicken liver, salt and pepper and cook for a further 5 minutes. Serve with good toasted bread. 


2 comments to Free Pass.

  • Jackie

    lovely pictures wish my neighbour had a tree full of cherries.Recipe looks not only very simple with few ingredients but also ideal for a special meal with friends as a starter or main course.Will certainly give it a go.

  • franco franchi

    uhh, ch bello, ci provero sta sera!

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