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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

Double trouble

Clams and Asparagus risotto


Earlier this week we finally  decided to make an important investment, a new oven. It would seem an easy thing to do, but  believe me after days of researching on sizes, different techniques of cooking and of course … .. the cost ..for two nights I  even dreamt about ovens! However in the end … we had this brilliant idea ,because the number of people I cook for can vary from 1 to 10+  Instead of buying one large oven  (very useful when the number of guests is 10 and up) we decided to be clever and buy two medium size ovens  Cool … ..  we thought this way we save energy .When we cook for a few guests (or just for us) I’ll use one or alternatively two  for large numbers of people. Whaoo  very clever don’t you think??? Eventually the ovens arrived yesterday morning. I was super excited, so once these two beautiful pieces of kitchen equipment were setup in the right places we couldn`t wait to turn them on to test … and when we did——— BANG  ———- the electricity of the whole house fused  !!!!!!!!!!!! Why do we always seem to take one step forward and two back ? now we have to wait for the electricity company to come and change the voltage of the house. Bloody Nora !! 

Obviously we were really fed up, so decided to remedy the situation with a good old risotto cooked on the gas stove. Clams and Asparagus risotto , sometimes  it’s better to keep things simple…….

Now the question is: will just one oven work for the roast potato pears and rosemary that I will serve for 12 people on the Supper Club on Sunday?????  Please keep your fingers crossed for me and I’ll let you know the outcome next week.

Good week end to all ( buon fine settimana a tutti )

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