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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Our house outside the village of Allerona


Sunday morning the sky was blue with a couple of small white clouds floating by, it was a  beautiful sunny day, just perfect for a lunch under the porch. My day started early in the kitchen, I was very excited, a 6 course menu to prepare for 12 guests for the Sagraincasa Supper Club  . The new oven was ready in position  and it seemed to say to me: come on don`t worry, everything will be great.

At around 12 noon my friend Eva arrived to give me a hand in the kitchen and with the table service,  her Swiss friend Susan ,here on holiday, came with her and kindly offered  to help out for the day. All this must be too good to be true … .. something had to happen, right??. Indeed it did! The drains of both the kitchen sinks were suddenly  blocked, so the dishwasher could not be used. MAMMA MIA why do bad things always happen at the wrong time ????!!!!  “Do not panic,” I thought , “it’s just a question of organization”. Susan immediately offered to wash all the dishes and pots by hand  on the top floor of the house, a true angel, so that meant Eva could still help me in the kitchen and with the table service. Problem solved!

  So ,the Supper Club began. The table looked beautiful and the guests were collected by Nick from the village at 1.0 p.m

Table set and ready for guests.


Glasses waiting to be filled


A glass of Spumante and three different starters were the perfect way to start a Sunday lunch. A relaxed, happy family atmosphere with good food and good wine is what we wanted to offer.

Guests enjoying a glass of Spumante


zucchini and ricotta rolls


caprese in solid form


zucchini flowers in the Roman way


In the kitchen, things were great, the aroma of fresh handmade basil pesto was awesome, and the linguine pasta was al dente and ready to be served. The baked potatoes were golden and crispy.  Green salad  just picked fresh from the vegetable garden was washed and ready to be dressed with our own extra virgin olive oil. Susan , doing an amazing impersonation of Speedy Gonzales, come back with the washed pans ready for me to start to cook pistachios and lemon zest meatballs in a delicious white wine sauce… … …. absolutely perfect!

Me and Eva in the kitchen


Pasta with pesto and grilled cherry tomatoes


pistachios and lemon zest meatballs



My guests? people of all different nationalities with the same passion for good food and good wine,all friendly and happy.

Chatting with my guests after the meal


relaxing at the and of the day


What more can I say …. it doesn`t get any better than this, blocked drains or not. I loved it!

3 comments to Where there’s a will there’s a way.

  • Wow, your place is looking amazing, and the food looks fantastic, It reminded me of the wonderful courgette rolls you made for me. Can you remind me of what you put inside, is it ricotta, and lemon, then drizzled with oil and balsamic viniger, or is there more to this delicious morsel. The weather in uk is pretty horrid, looking forward to some Italian sunshine.

  • Alan Kamyab

    Grazie mille Simona, Nick e Eva!! It really was a magical day at your beautiful house, with incredible food, amazing warmth and hospitality, in the company of old and new friends. Enjoy Greece, and see you very soon after you get back. Ciao!

  • Brian Cumberlidge

    Deep joy ! Perfect food eaten in an idyllic setting, prepared and served by such charming hosts. Thank you so much Simona,Nick and Eva. Italy at its very best. Complimenti !

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