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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

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Quality Time

Pancetta parcels with aspargus and goat cheese


This morning I woke up feeling full of energy and thought today I must  spend some “quality time” in my beloved vegetable garden! The tomato and cucumber plants have grown so much they need to be staked for support. Clearly, the soil needed be dug to clear all the weeds that are choking the plants … …. even my poor chilies are almost submerged in weeds … … .. so I got out the spade and gloves and set to. While working and admiring my big beautiful green  tomatoes ready to ripen, leeks growing , eggplant  flowers nearly ready to became  fruit and all the different green salad…..I was inspired, how nice it would be to create the menu for the July Supper Club, using as much as possible from my vegetable garden, so I have set down a few ideas which are available for all those who are interested and who will be around in Umbria on July 17 the menu is decided, have a look!!

At the end of the day my back was in pieces, my arms and shoulders in agony I am definitely getting older! I was exhausted but  super happy with all the work I had done. Nick fresh and relaxed returned from his trip to Orvieto, and with a big smile on his face he presented me with a bouquet …. of asparagus (flowers would  have been most appreciated) and he said to me: These were on offer and I thought you would want to cook something special for the evening  with the last asparagus of the season!! POVERA ME (poor me) just the very idea of ​​picking up a frying pan made ​​me tremble. So I quickly steamed asparagus, took the first two ingredients that I found in the fridge,  tied them all together with chives and  put them under the grill. Nick picked and washed the salad  and dinner was done. Delicious.

In my vegetable garden


So sadly it`s good bye for this year to the asparagus …. and a big hello and welcome to our own homegrown products. As for the flowers….I’ll keep hoping and be grateful after all it could have been the end of the Brussels sprout season.

Serves 2

6  thin slices pancetta

80 grams soft goat cheese

3 asparagus

fresh long chive

½ tsp crash fennel seeds

EVO  oil

How it works: steam the asparagus, cut into cubes and leave to  cool. Then combine asparagus cubs, crash fennel seeds and goat cheese. Cut each slice of pancetta in half, form a cross with the two cut pieces and put the cheese mixture in the center . Close the 4 pancetta edges in a clockwise direction one after the other and tie with the chives. Repeat 5 more times for the rest of the ingredients. Grill 2 minutes on both sides with a drizzle of Evo olive on top.

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