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Sun,sea and....Pecorino cheese!

zucchini balls

Good morning, finally the big day has arrived .. we are  going on summer holiday !!!!!! Yes I know…we do  live in a place where people love to come on holiday…. but you know? .. once in a while ( 2 years !!) a little break from all these green Umbrian hills, is needed. So now I can put away the hoe and the pans , and take out the sun cream and swimming costume because we`re going to the sea side. But before that ..I  want to give you a few clues as to where we are going for our vacation : Caffe frappè, tzatzichi,  Moussaka, tomatoes and cucumber salad with feta cheese,  delicious zucchini balls , Rezzina wine (hoping to find a good one.!!!).

You’ve guessed it. We’re going to Greece, actually to a  small island in the Cyclades, and our mission is clear and simple: empty beaches, lots of books to read and plenty of food …………. STOP…… STOP……WAIT A MINUTE ……That was the story I had hoped to post this morning ,but ………………unfortunately the Greek austerity strikes have put a stop to that.

So , in a last minute panic we realized that are flight might be grounded at Rome’s Fiumicino airport for hours ,if not for good , no public transport when and if we arrived ,plus a ferry strike , leaving us trapped in hot sticky Athens for maybe two days. Worst of all , according to Nick was the promised 48hr electricity strikes , almost certain to make finding a cold beer impossible.  All that on the way out ,not to mention what could happen on the way back.

Luckily for us, all was not lost, a quick check on line and we found a cheap ferry ticket to an old favorite… Sardinia….. home to  beautiful  beaches ,crystal blue waters and great pecorino cheese….

Greece will have to wait till next year. It’s a fantastic place and we really love going there . But the thought of lying on a beach ,whilst the rest of the country is up in arms seemed a bit strange.

 Today ,as my last recipe before the holidays, I thought I`d make these fantastic Greek zucchini balls. Thank goodness I have lots of zucchini in the vegetable garden because it took three attempts before I was finally able to make the recipe taste exactly like the original…yes.. the very same ones, that we would have been eating in a few days…..

While I am away why not check out all the recipes in the archives. Also I would like to remind you that there are still some seats available for the August Supper Club   … .. so who knows, maybe  we`ll see some of you in August.

Greetings and happy days to all who are  going on holiday and also  those who are staying at home.

Ciao a tutti e buone vacanze.

Serve 6

1 Kilo of zucchini
4 eggs beaten
250 grams of grated cheese (feta)
Oil for frying
half cup of mint, finely chopped
1 cup of flour
salt and pepper to taste

How it works:Clean and grate the zucchini and mash them with a fork or with your hands to eliminate excess water . Put the mashed zucchini in a bowl , add mint, grated feta and the beaten eggs and season with the salt and pepper. Mix well.

Add the flour slowly until it thickens. While the oil is heating, using a spoon shape the mixture into balls and gently fry on all sides. Serve hot.

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