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Funky Chicken.

Poached egg served with truffles and homemade bread



During the last weeks of summer Nicks mum Jacky came to stay. On her arrival we noticed she was wearing a bandage on her wrist. Had she damaged it dragging her suitcase through the airport , we thought… or had she  been injured delivering a devastating Karate chop to a north London mugger !

As it turned out neither of these scenarios were correct , in fact the cause of this injury was Knitting . Not any old kind of knitting ,but knitting jackets for Hens. Having seen an advertisement asking for help  , Jacky began knitting jackets for liberated battery farm hens who no longer had any feathers .


The condition of their previous life had led them to pull out all their feathers in desperation . So , an army of kindly knitters was needed to make winter jackets for them. The charity involved in this saintly task is called “Little Hen Rescue “ ,based in Norfolk ,England .  So , if anyone out there can knit, it might be worth contacting them.



On  returning from Malta , our good friends  Fumo and Eva, who run a fantastic Agriturismo ,asked us if we would like to have three of their Hens, as they had too many. I was very pleased and drove over on Saturday to pick them up . They were  very beautiful and on bringing them home I could see straight away that I wasn’t the only one who thought so .



Working girls


Big Boy , our noisy Rooster immediately started strutting his stuff. Chest all puffed out and singing at the top of his voice  , he had obviously decided to give the ladies a show.  Not content with that he also decided to trough in a few dance moves as Well , to be honest with you , the whole thing reminded me of when I first met Nick.


Big boy strutting his stuff


Who says the funky chicken is out !



The Crooner


Anyway  ,I don’t think these girls were all that impressed . After looking at him and then at each other and obviously thinking , “Bloody Nora , we’ve got a right one here”  , they went straight to work. No messing around and the following morning there were three new eggs . So , to celebrate I made a poached egg with truffles and homemade bread   . Fantastic !



1 comment to Funky Chicken.

  • LindyLouMacinItaly

    Great post Simona which made me smile. We used to rescue battery hens many years ago but cannot imagine ever putting them in knitted jackets!!

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