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Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomato Passata sauce, part 1

Tomato Passata sauce, part 2

What Sagra in Casa is all about !

Vendemmia 2013 Menu



Friday the 27th ,  our chosen day,  dawned bright and sunny. The sky was clear and the September sunlight was warm and generous. “Una bellissima giornata”( a beautiful day).

Even so, having  28 people turn up to help us with our harvest was incredible . They included the young students from the University of Arizona Orvieto Study Abroad Program   (they gave a few local farmers a reason to drive past more often than usual ),the  many friends who also originated from America and are now living in Orvieto and Allerona,  new friends,  close friends,  my wonderful parents and as a special guest of honor Filippo an 89 year old man from a small village nearby.



Row after row the white grapes of this beautiful vineyard were collected at an amazing speed, in fact the enthusiasm was so great that for the first time in many years Nick had to ask everyone to take a  break from picking by 11am!



This was because while everyone else was in the vineyard, my mother and I were in the kitchen cooking lunch. The menu was plentiful, with many different appetizers, pasta and a main course … and the problem was that by 11am the locally made sausages, cooked in grape juice, and the baked potatoes were far from being ready!

So it was a good time for everybody to relax and have a chat back at the house before returning  to work to complete the last few  rows to be picked.



By now the pressure was all on those working in the kitchen but at 12.30am we were ready to serve the food outside in the garden, under the  porch . White and red wine were on the table and the feast began. One course followed another and people began to look more and more relaxed and at home. This is very much what Nick and I love the most, and as far as we are concerned this is what we want Sagra in Casa to be all about .


For making this wonderful day possible Nick and I have so many people to thank.

But there is one person in particular we would like mention this year with all our gratitude  and that`s Sergio. He is the expert who works hard and passionately  all year, every year, pruning and maintaining our old vineyard which was planted in 1972, to keep it beautiful and healthy.


So grazie to Sergio and his trusted and  constant companion Dodo, his devoted dog who never leaves his side and even rides with his master on the tractor when taking our grapes to the Monrubio winery.


Grapes waiting to go into the Cantina


And last but not least a big GRAZIE to all of you for the beautiful day. WE `VE DONE IT AGAIN !

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