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baccalà and truffle pasta

The reason is that this is not the first time I’ve used the Baccalà and so I think it is important to understand the difference. I say so because, Baccalà is translated into English always as cod, but it’s not just Cod. Baccalà in Italian is salted cod. Most dishes require that the cod fish be soaked numerous times to remove excess salt . Precisely, the Baccalà must remain in cold water for a few days changing the water two or three times a day. . To shorten the preparation it’s possible to leave the Baccalà 12 hours in water and cover with boiling milk for 2 hours. The Stoccafisso is also cod but is dried in the sun and has a longer soaking time, three days minimum. The Merluzzo is fresh cod . Ok now , coming back to us, after I have rinsed the Baccalà for 12 hours, I decided to cook with truffles. I created what in Italy is called a “Mari e Monti” dish, a combination of ingredients that come one from the sea and another one from the ground.

Serves 4
400 grams pasta Calamarata or Rigatoni
3 Baccalà fillets
80 grams of truffle paste
1 garlic
2 cups dry white wine
Chopped parsley
Evo Oil
Salt and pepper
How it works:
After soaking the Baccalà, cut the fillets into squares, making sure to clean the bones. Place the Baccalà in a pan with garlic, parsley and evo oil. Fry lightly the diced fish and combine wine, salt and pepper , cover with a lid. Cook for 8 / 10 minutes. Drain the pasta and pour into the pan with the Baccalà, add truffle and mix well on heat for 1 minute. Serve with fresh parsley.

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