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Getting to know......Trebbiano, Malvasia and Verdello.

fish and caprino cheese pesto

I am very excited, this week I’ll start a course to become a Sommelier. The course  will be in Orvieto. Physiology of the senses and sensory analysis, oenology and viticulture … … Wahoo! Well finally I’ll learn to distinguish the different flavors in a wine. Eventually, I will also learn how to make  good one (this will be very helpful to us ,considering that three years ago we gave up making our own as it was disgusting!) The most interesting thing for me, will be at the end of the third level course, where we will learn about the combination of food and wines! And this is where I want to get.  when I booked myself on the course I was asked  if I liked to drink and  smoke . Great , I thought ,these are my kind of people. Unfortunately in the world of Sommeliers these two habits don’t seem to gain you much credit .So, in view of the course which begins on Friday I thought to train myself,  I  made this very sophisticated little finger food which  was quick to prepare  and delicate in flavor….. Then, to wash it down, I chose a good dry white wine. Oh dear,  I really think the teachers on the coarse are going to have their work cut out with me!!

Ingredients for 6 finger food
A handful of pistachios
1 handful of almonds
1 handful of basil leaves and parsley leaves
 40 grams soft goat cheese
50 grams of white fish fillet (even frozen)
Evo oil

Salt and pepper
6 Paccheri pasta (they look like very big Rigatoni pasta)
For finishing:
5 chopped pistachios
 Few lemon zest
Few leaves of chopped parsley
A drop of Evo oil

 How it work:
Cook the Paccheri pasta, drain  and put  in a bowl with cold water. Drain again and set aside. Cook the fish fillets and allow to cool. In a blender put pistachios, almonds, basil, parsley, plenty of evo oil, salt and pepper. Make a pesto. Add in the blender  fish, goat cheese and blend again. Season with salt if necessary. Stuff the pasta( using a Sac à poche) with the fish pesto mixture . Combine all the finishing ingredients, mix well and roll the stuffed pasta through them . Serve.

7 comments to Getting to know……Trebbiano, Malvasia and Verdello.

  • Momoko

    Taking a sommelier course must be very exciting for you! and very interesting to learn about the combination of food and wines too!
    By the way in this recipe, you are using goat cheese, but is there other kind of cheese which goes well instead of it? If you have a suggestion, please let me know!

  • Hi I do not know if you can find the Ricotta cheese, can you? because I believe that could work. Alternatively, a soft and fresh chesse, with a deilcat flavor . But do not use Philadelphia cheese , please, because in this case it’ll not work. Tell me what you are getting and if you liked the recipe. Grazie

  • Momoko

    Grazie Simona, I bought all ingredients but the cheese and the Paccheri pasta. In a small supermarket in my neighborhood, I couldn’t find them, so I’m going to a bigger market with more selections. I have a light cream cheese spread with dill so planning to mix this one too. I’ll tell you how it worked again.

  • Momoko

    Ciao Cimona. Although I went to some markets I couldn’t find paccheri pasta, so I made with rigatoni pasta..! Instead of goat cheese I used a light cream cheese spread like Boursin cheese but I think it tasted good and I also think lemon zest was giving a good finish in terms of taste and presentation! This recipe definitely will be one of my party menu.

  • Ciao Momoko, sei stata bravissima!!!I am happy that the finger food was good, I also think that the idea of rigatoni was a wise alternative. For the cheese I’d be very curious to try it what you have used, I honestly I do not know this type of cheese, do you know where it came from …? So the next time I’ll try to buy it too.

  • Momoko

    Buona sera! The cheese I used is the one I bought at Pate shop which I wrote on W&D (facebook) before, but it tastes like Boursin cheese, so I hope the info of this home page helps you… By the way I found a good grocery store called “Eataly” in Tokyo to get Italian ingredients so maybe they have paccheri pasta…

  • [...] But let start from the beginning. Do you remember that not long ago, I wrote about the course as a sommelier? OOhh..AAHH .. yes indeed, you’ll say … how is it going? So, I would say that I am very [...]

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