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A Witch’s Brew !!!!!!

pumpkin and linguine pasta

Everywhere you look …. There are pumpkins! In stores, supermarkets, magazines, and clearly in all the food blogs. Halloween !!! witches and pumpkins! I honestly am not a Halloween lover, perhaps because it is not in my culture, since I was little I was never sent from my parents to go knocking on the neighbors doors, no one ever told me to knock on the door and ask :-  trick or treat -. No, honestly in Italy Halloween is something that has been imported only to be used  as a commercial idea. I do not want to criticize this festival as many children do enjoy it , absolutely not, but at this time of the year  I only use pumpkin in my  cooking, that’s all , although the idea of the candle inside the pumpkin to make a scary face …. I like it a lot!  However, to stay in the  festive theme of terror Nick has seen fit to make a picture suitable for this healthy and nice pasta. So if the day after Halloween  you still have a piece of pumpkin left … … try this pasta and you  will feel in paradise. Wise words of a witch!

Serves 4
400 grams Farro (a type of flour) linguine pasta

20 grams pine nuts
350 grams of pumpkin flesh (cubed)
30 grams of grated salty ricotta cheese
1 tsp fresh rosemary
Evo oil
1 clove garlic
½ red fresh chili
1 ladle of vegetable stock
 How it works:
Dry roast the pine nuts in a frying pan. Put aside. Blend the pumpkin and set aside. In a pan heat Evo oil with garlic and chili. When the garlic is golden, remove and add the pumpkin puree and a pinch of salt. Cook for 15 minutes. Add a ladle of broth if necessary. Cook pasta al dente. Drain. Add the pasta to the pumpkin, add salty ricotta cheese ,pine nuts and rosemary. Whisk for 1 minute. Serve on warm plates. Yummy!!!!!

2 comments to A Witch’s Brew !!!!!!

  • Hello from New York – actually I am in Chicago just now – and many houses here are decorated with cobwebs, spiders, witches and ghosts. It’s not normal for me too but it’s fun and its nice to see the little kids dressed in their costumes. Two little pumpkins ( girls in pumpkin costumes) walked past me yesterday – very cute. there seem to be MILLIONS of pumpkins in the shops just now so we will try your recipe. It sounds delicious. best wishes and BOO!!! from Barbara

  • ketty

    non e’ possibile, ragazzi qui stiamo toccando vette altissime, direi solari,da provare subito poi riferirò.ps Nic sei un mito…..

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