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It's a tough life being a student !

Grilled vegetable and Scamorza chesse wrapped in Pancetta

At the moment I’m studying very hard ( just in case one of my teachers is reading the blog too!) On Friday I will have to take the exam on the first level for the Sommelier course. Grape varieties, production ,techniques for Champagne, whiskey, wine, beer etc , etc… … My God, my head is completely in fermentation.

So , yesterday evening I decided to cook something fast but tasty and drink a few glasses of good wine, an essential part of my studying, of course!
   I used an old grilling plate! In reality you could use the oven grill or BBQ  … … both of these option  are good, but this plate was a  gift and I love to use it for the  dark lines that it burns into the grilled vegetables, plus the cheese does not drip! So a combination of aesthetics and practicality.

Grilled vegetables and smoked Scamorza cheese wrapped with pancetta, washed down with a Merlot / Sauvignon wine… …. the student life is very tough!

Serves 4
1 zucchini
1 long and thin eggplant
a few pinchess of pepper and oregano
Evo oil
1 smoked Scamorza cheese
1 pound of pancetta  (not too fat), finely sliced
1 / 2 lemon

How it works:

Cut the vegetables a couple of inches in length. Divide in two each slice and grill . Season the vegetables with Evo oil, pepper and oregano and set aside. Cut the smoked cheese in cubes. Wrap the pancetta around the smoked cheese. To prepare the skewers. A slice of eggplant, a zucchini then the  wrapped cheese and finish  with one more zucchini and an eggplant slice. Grilling on the hot plate. Once the cheese starts to melt take it off from the grilling plate and serve with a dash of lemon.

3 comments to It’s a tough life being a student !

  • Patrick Quigley

    Just discovered your site; will definitely be viewing regularly.
    This sounds delicious but can you tell me what is Evo oil?



  • Patrick Quigley

    Ignore last question – I’ve just figured it out – EVO = Extra Virgin Olive

    Duh – stupid me!



  • Hi Patrick welcome to my little blog, yes that’s it ! Extra virgin olive oil……Evo oil to make it short! thanks again to come in and any other question or idea, please let me know.

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