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Wave goodbye to the lemon sorbet.

Monkefish roll in speck


Years ago I took a cooking course in Rome and there for the first time I discovered the possibility of combining two different ingredients such as meat and fish. In my traditional mind the two things were distinctly different. To give you an example, since I was little, I’ve been in many family  weddings. You know the classic Italian-style wedding, where you start to eat at 12.30 am and finish up  at 18.00p.m.?? ! So,  in every occasion the same rules applied: 4 fish courses to start then a good lemon sorbet to refresh the palate. … and then …4  meat course . Little break . Cakes , coffee and ammazza cafè (liquor) .  Two distinctive parts to the meal…I  grew up with this idea. But now things have changed, no more lemon sorbet! Meat and fish can be put together and frankly in this case the combination works great.
  Who knows maybe now, wedding lunches will finish earlier!

Meanwhile I wish you a good weekend with this quick and tasty appetizer.

Ingredients for 10 monkfish and Speck roll
5 slices of Speck
5 fillets of  monkfish, 3 cm thick
 1 lemon zest
A handful of chopped parsley
Here’s how:
Cut the Speck slices in half. Remove the central bone from each monkfish fillet , obtaining 10 cubes of fish. Over every Speck slices sprinkle on parsley, a sprinkle lemon peel and a little pepper . Place on top a cube of fish and roll. Close up with toothpick and grill in the oven. When the bacon becomes crispy the appetizer is ready to be served.

2 comments to Wave goodbye to the lemon sorbet.

  • Patrick

    Sea bass fillets (or similar white fish)wrapped in parma ham also works well. The combination of cured meat and fish is delicious.

  • Ciao Patrick,I believe that the monkfish has a firmer texture … but I’ll try with another white fish and this time with prosciutto. Thanks for the idea.

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