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200 years of happiness.

Foam of coffee with dark chocolate .

After spending the afternoon  in Rome demonstrating against that wolf  Berlusconi ,  I returned home.  Nick calmly told me what had been happening around here. Apparently , we had our own wolf problem going on.  Our neighbors had seen two big wolves running around at the end of their garden on Saturday evening.  Clearly,  my first thoughts went to our goat BEA, who if you remember, had been  attacked  last October.  So, preventative measures had to be taken and the goats where safely locked up in their pen for the night.
Monday we woke up  and opening our window we found the two goats were safe and sound. The day had started well, the sun was up and so, like every Monday we decided to go for a run. On the way back we passed an old lady standing on a balcony. Dressed in a beautiful pink sweater she leaned out to greet us.  Full of energy  she shouted  “Happy Valentine’s Day, and I wish you two hundred happy years of life together!”
A great and sweet way to start the week, I would say. So let’s began with this recipe: Foam of coffee with dark chocolate .

By the way…200 years is a lot of recipes and photos….. FAR TO MANY !

Serves 4
250 grams of dark chocolate  70% minimum.
5 spoon of cold espresso coffee.
4 eggs, yolks separated from whites.
80 grams of caster sugar.
120 ml of coffee liqueur (Tia Maria or type Kalhua).
400 ml of  cream, very cold.
Here’s how:
Dissolve 200 grams of chocolate in a bowl resting over a pot of gently boiling water . Add 2 desert spoons of coffee .Once the chocolate is melted allow to cool. Whisk the 4 egg yolks, add the chocolate and mix again. Until a nice froth. Whisk the egg whites until you have a firm foam. Gently combine the chocolate and eggs foam. Mix well. Let rest overnight in the refrigerator.
For the coffee foam: In a large bowl pour caster sugar, 3 tablespoons of coffee, the coffee liquor. Stir vigorously with a whisk. Add slowly the cream and keep whisking . Continue  until the foam will be firm . Store in refrigerator. Before serving, pour the coffee foam over the chocolate and decorate with the melted chocolate if you like ( 50 grams)  over.

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