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September The Harvest , here we are again ! ROLL UP ROLL UP

Pan brioche made with gorgonzola cheese and merlot grapes



How can the months pass so quickly ? can it really be that time of year again when, here in my little corner of Umbria, friends , neighbors and  farmers, in fact it seems just about everybody, is busy checking and discussing the amount of sugar in all the locally grown grapes. There are many people who have sophisticated methods of telling if the grapes are ready or not. And then of course there are  people like me who just grab a bunch of grapes ,any grapes, eat them all with great pleasure and delight ,exclaiming MAMMA MIA they are all really good ! Ok so this approach is not very technical or reliable and so because of this we have decided to follow the  recommendations  of the experts and  this year we will complete our harvest a little bit later than usual. So don’t run away…


In some areas of Orvieto  the Chardonnay, Pinot and Merlot grapes have already started to be collected .


But for the rest the verdict is the grapes are still too  firm . L’uva è in ritardo ,grapes are late, it’s the expression that you can hear everywhere these days..


Views around Allerona



Nick and I have less than half a hectare of vineyard, Orvieto DOC to be precise, and 8 years ago we decided to make our harvest event a day of fun . Starting with family and friends and then invite people through this blog to come and  join us. This experience has grown over the 8 years and proved to be a great day, full of fun with plenty of  good food and wine and meeting of people from all walks of life, in fact a big party .  .
Last year there were more helpers then bunches of grapes to pick , the party atmosphere within these 23 rows of vines was fantastic.
Some scissors and gloves have already been booked for this Harvest , even before we announce the date and this fills us with joy. BUT I would  like to specify that the wood stacking this year will not be necessary, Nick and I still feel bad about our guests last year insisting on taking on this task for us. So do not worry the wood stacking isn’t included in the day.  But now for the date, this year it will have to be on a Friday , so for those coming from different Italian regions or country we understand this could be more difficult, but we will guarantee a double portion of food for them !


Myself in our vineyard in Allerona, Umbria


And talking about food , I`m already working on the menu for all you workers, so   ROLL UP ROLL UP   and book your scissors and gloves and let the party begin
Ok ready to write this super event on your agenda ?
Friday 27th September starting at 9.30am
You can send an email, leave a comment directly here, or write on the official FaceBook Sagraincasa page.

Looking forward to see you all.


2 comments to September The Harvest , here we are again ! ROLL UP ROLL UP

  • Natalie

    Simona! What a lovely photo! I am traveling next week so I won’t be able to slip away but I hope you have a happy harvest!

  • Kathleen

    Wow, how exciting and so different from where I live….I wish I lived close enough to be a part of the harvest—I do look forward to seeing all the highlights in your blog!! Cheers from Newfoundland, Canada

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