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Complete brainstorm !!

Baccalà fillet gently cooked in a spicy sausage crust served with crispy artichoke



Before anything else Nick and I would just like to say we hope you had a very merry Christmas and wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

On the subject of being healthy, on the first Monday of 2014 after spending a great Xmas holiday in the UK with family and friends , then a further two days celebrating New Year with more family and friends in our farmhouse in Umbria all rounded off with a small private celebration just for the two of us during the week end….I had what I can only describe as a complete brainstorm and decided to weigh myself !!!!!!!!!!!!

MAMA MIA , what can I say ? Ok so I enjoyed every single mouthful and thinking about it I don`t think I said no to any dish!  the fact is I just love food   , so it shouldn’t`t have been such a shock  when my eyes rested on the results on the scales .. OPS !

Actually January 6th is, for us Italians,YET ANOTHER FEAST DAY,  the day of the Epiphany .It is In fact another good reason to eat and drink some wine with friends . But being all righteous , I decided it was not for me , a good long run was the order of the day followed by what Nick calls a hospital dinner of a little grilled white fish and steamed vegetables in order to start the week in the right frame of mind.

Unfortunately, when you live in the countryside and you spend so much time outdoors , your nose becomes incredibly sensitive to any scents and odours. So while tackling the tough climb back home at the end of my run, the very pleasant smell of grilled meat that wafted all around me from the various farm houses did  absolutely nothing for my good Monday resolution !
Such a delicious smell , so can you imagine after my healthy run having to face a hospital dinner. The very thought of it made me feel very sad and sorry for myself “Simona “ I muttered “this is no way to start the first Monday of the new year, sad (and hungry)” , right?  Quickly convinced , I decided to turn those two ingredients into a good and tasty dinner : Baccalà fillet gently cooked in a spicy sausage crust  served with crispy artichoke . Nick opened a bottle of Rose wine and the new week 2014 started in the way it should here in the Sagraincasa home !

Hoping you all had a great week too and will continue to read / enjoy following the  Sagraincasa  tales through 2014  . Ciao a tutti e buon anno.

1 comment to Complete brainstorm !!

  • Bill Steiner

    Mama Mia! If there is anyone who does not need to worry about their weight it is you! Your fish looks fabulous. I want some! Happy New Year!

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