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Last Sunday I woke up with a really good happy feeling it was going to be one of those special days.When I opened the shutters at the kitchen window  the sun was warm and beautiful , Hilda the goat  was happy to see me ( it meant it was time for her breakfast ) and the cockerel crowed and strutted around showing off for his three chickens who were very excited to hear his beautiful song .
And so I sat in the garden with them enjoying a large cup of black coffee and going over in my mind all the plans I had made for the exciting busy day ahead of me.

I had previously been asked to hold a cooking class that afternoon in the professional and beautiful kitchen of the Palazzo del Gusto in Orvieto.
Even after planning every single detail for this class over the last couple of weeks, to be honest, the more I thought about it as the day went on I became more and more  panicky that something could go wrong…well you never know right? You could forget something in the oven or you could have a cup in your hand thinking its salt and instead its sugar…. stupid I know especially when  I would have a great team working with me, my three young talented assistants  Caterina, Erica and Adrian .

So after loading my car with my necessary equipment, I drove out to Orvieto and met up with my trusted helpers.We were ready and full of energy.

With not only four different  dishes  to teach I also wanted at the same time to try and pass on my passion and experience with food to about 40 people ..Mama Mia  I have NEVER had so many people in front of me watching my every move !!!  In fact I was really shocked when I heard the number of reservations that had been made for the course .. .. so please, before I go any further,I would just like to say a big  thank you to everyone for the great turnout  GRAZIE WITH ALL MY HEART

After a brief introduction about myself ( my voice was a little ‘ shaky `with emotion,) the lesson began.

Different people, all different ages , some from Orvieto , others from Rome ,a group of  Americans, and a beautiful French girl .. ,they were all there ready to actively participate  . Seeing people enjoy this cooking experience , getting to know each other and sharing a lovely Sunday afternoon was  WONDERFUL to see . Thank you all again for the warm participation , the hard work of my wonderful assistants and a special thank you to my husband Nick Cornish for not only taking the photos during the class .. but above all for his support and encouragement.


The event was brought to an end with a tasting of all the food  made during the class accompanied by two fantastic wines produced in the  picturesque wine region of Orvieto,  located within the Etruscan caves beneath the Monastery of St. John. Definitely a place to visit when you are on holiday in Orvieto !

Any way so now with the summer days around the corner  the next stories will be back to what is going  on in the Umbrian Countryside and in the Sagraincasa kitchen. Hope you enjoy .


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