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Two for the price of one!

Bruschetta figs, pecorino cheese, hazelunts and prosciutto.


With  the great success of the ravioli dish I made the other day , I thought it would be a terrible shame not to  use the same ingredients: figs, hazelnuts and Pecorino cheese for another recipe and came up with the idea of a  FAST appetizer  ,because frankly … making home-made ravioli  is not something you can do in two minutes … even if you only need two minutes to eat the dish once  served! So here’s a quick alternative : a nice and easy Bruschetta with the addition of Prosciutto ham , to be complimented, of course, with a good glass of red wine.  Ciao for now,  I’m going to pick more figs from the tree to make a fig jam … … ..

Ingredients for 2 bruschette: 

2 thick slices of nice chunky bread , 4 ripe figs, a tsp of chopped hazelnuts, 1 tbsp of grated Semi mature Pecorino cheese,, 2 slices of Prosciutto ham ,salt and a pinch of pepper.

How it works: Combine the figs (without skins),pecorino cheese, hazelnuts, salt and pepper making sure they are well mixed together. Grill bread slices on both sides,and when ready spread with the fig mixture finishing  with a slice of Prosciutto ham over the top. Place the Bruschette back under the grill for a few minutes. Serve when the Prosciutto has become crispy .

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